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  • WTF AHole posted 1947 days ago

    WTF AHole

    You wouldn't happen to be the person who lives right in front of Job Corps in IB?

  • Michael Whitfield posted 2202 days ago

    Michael Whitfield

    Were you making reference to Lightning Bolts? They did knock the Raidahs out of the playoff picture. Why didn't Rivers have a stellar performance against Denver like he did against the Oakland?

  • Anthony Spivey posted 2203 days ago

    Anthony Spivey

    Who are you, how poor are you, and what do you not have going on in your life?

  • Cole Lilly posted 2203 days ago

    Cole Lilly

    What's your problem? lol I wasn't dissing Bama. I just made comments saying that it was the most boring NCG I've ever watched. Most of America (outside of the SEC) would agree. Congrats on winning. Being boring takes nothing away from the win.

  • Larry Burton posted 2308 days ago

    Larry Burton

    Thanks for the LIKE!

  • Bama Bolt posted 2969 days ago

    Bama Bolt

    Roll Tide Roll !!! Go Chargers !!!