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  • Dat Dude posted 1674 days ago

    Dat Dude

    Good comeback on the boards man!

  • Mitchell K posted 1690 days ago

    Mitchell K

    When i heard the NY Jets select Sheldon Richardson, I thought Jason probably just exploded .

  • Amir Oueid posted 1710 days ago

    Amir Oueid

    You were wrong about "Grammar everywhere" being a sentence. Just making sure you knew.

  • Anthony Londer posted 1728 days ago

    Anthony Londer


  • Marco D posted 1741 days ago

    Marco D

    Garrard would lose to Sanchez only:

    1. If he didn't get a fair shot by the Jets' organization.
    2. If he was completely unhealthy and way out of shape.

    To be honest, I have little to no respect for Sanchez as a starting QB.

    As of right now, Bernard is more of a change of pace kind of RB since he didn't get that many carries in college, but if he can gain 8 to 10 pounds, he can be faster version of Ray Rice. I'm not saying that he is better than Ray Rice either. Frankly, I still don't know if he can be a legit 3 down RB in the NFL yet. He can make defenders miss. He has a great spin move along with a decent stiff arm move. That being said, I wouldn't draft him in the second round.

    As for Le' Veon Bell, he is a durable s.o.b who possesses the hard-nosed mentality of a featured RB and has the ability to read and set up his blocks at the line of scrimmage. He has the patience and vision to excel at the next level. He is definitely a 3 down RB at the next level. He is a very good WR out of the backfield, which is one of the things we desperately need right now out of our RBs for our new WCO. Furthermore, he can either run through contact while gaining a ton of yards, make defenders miss with his beautiful spin moves, or jump over them. If you really like a dependable RB like you said, Bell should be one of your guys.

    By the way, I'm becoming a huge fan of Stepfan Taylor as well. The more I watch him, the more I like him.

    I wasn't really trying to compare Gio Bernard to Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson, I'm not that crazy. A.D is a once in a lifetime kind of RB.
    C. Johnson, on the other hand, is really good when he is not dancing around. I love me a dependable RB who can also get me 60 yards on just one play. I like guys like Marshall Faulk, LeShon Mccoy, Adrian Peterson, Barry Sanders, Curtis Martin, Arian Foster, L.T Kind of RBs.

    Frank Gore M. Lynch were already good RBs before Kaep and Wilson.

    RGIII helps Morris and Morris helps him with the play-action plays.

    My new RB list is looking like this now:

    Stephan Taylor
    Le'Veon Bell
    Gio Bernard
    Marcus Lattimore