Eddie Dzurilla

Eddie Dzurilla


Eddie Dzurilla was born and raised in Torrington, Connecticut and has been a resident of Fort Worth, Texas since 1999. He has been a football fan his entire life (or at least as long as he can remember) and a rugby player and fan for over 28 years.

As a player, Eddie has been a member of rugby clubs in Boston, New York, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Nashville, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Park City and Fort Worth, He has toured and played in several countries including Canada, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Bermuda, Australia, and Japan. He still plays in the occasional "B" side match and also is active in old boys (40 and over) competition. Eddie's other interests include skiing, scuba, camping, hiking, biking, history, politics, and an overindulgence of culinary delights.

Eddie is the father of one wonderful daughter. Professionally, he has been involved in tangible and intangible marketing for most of his career, and also had his own business for several years. He is currently employed by Trilogy Payment Solutions, a merchant services (credit and debit card processing) vendor as their Director of Marketing and Sales, located in Fort Worth, Texas.

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  • Turk Steffens posted 2613 days ago

    Turk Steffens

    Eddie! Is that you in your avatar? How's your love life & how is your daughter doing in school? Hope all is well. - "Turk"

  • Gage Arnold posted 2642 days ago

    Gage  Arnold

    Hey Eddiel! Just finished up the most recent article on this weeks best players. Would love to have your input on it. Hope you like it!


  • Gage Arnold posted 2648 days ago

    Gage  Arnold

    Hey Eddie! I'd love if you could check out my article. Just trying to get some exposure on it and get some opinions on it. Appreciate it brother! Have a great day!


  • Jack Burns posted 2678 days ago

    Jack Burns

    You're smoking crack if you think BYU should be in a BCS conf before Utah. Who cares if Byu was the master of the WAC. They are a distant third in the mwc in the last decade. They've never made it to a BCS game. Just because they have the mormon mafia turnout doesn't mean the team is that great. Do some research before posting such ignorant posts. DOUCHE!

  • Rallo Tubbs posted 2683 days ago

    Rallo  Tubbs

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  • Jersey Cy posted 2687 days ago

    Jersey Cy

    Eddie, what in world are you thinking. Your criteria seem to be pretty narrow and your facts are more often wrong than right. It would tempting to include you with other famous people named Eddie - like Wally Clever's friend, Herman Munster's son, and Clark Griswold's cousin - and just as unfair.

  • Apache posted 2722 days ago


    Rugby fan? Then you've hears of Larry Gelwix, the Highland High Rugby coach and a friend of mine.

  • yehonala04 posted 2736 days ago


    Congratulations go out from Tallahassee to MWC champion TCU Horned Frogs for eating and entire steer in just 2 days of baseball.

  • John Spencer posted 2738 days ago

    John Spencer

    Since when does a Connecticut yankee coming to Ft Worth make you an insider on anything Texas? Namely Texas football and specifically Texas Tech. My days at Tech go back to JT King and Donnie Anderson-folks you have never heard of. These are the facts- 1 Adam James is a PUNK. Without Mike Leach,the only way he would be at any game anywhere would be to buy a ticket! 2 His poppy Craig is as SLEAZY as they get. Can you say DEATH PENALTY and SMU ? He is a complete FRAUD. Rode Eric Dickerson for all it was worth,was a bust in the NFL,and destroyed the football program at SMU. CASE CLOSED! You and people like you blowing into this state is everything wrong with Texas. Get your sorry ass back to New England and blog about lacrosse or other mindless shit. Take the BUSH clan with you.

  • yehonala04 posted 2772 days ago


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