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  • Holy shit the haters are out tonight! Good job man over 30 comments already and 771 reads - looks like you got another 1000 read - article out - awesome!

  • Marcus Holbrook posted 2919 days ago

    Marcus Holbrook

    ok no bullshit, iam 6 '4, ripped 200 lbs, 22 years old, have a fine gf, iam a rn, drive a souped up 350 z with 20's, workin on my bachelors to go to med school and iam a loser? i have nothing against you but just for the sake of arguing for the fun of it, your just mad cuz no one agrees with you and they agreed with me, thats why you deleted my comments you pussy, and you didnt even have the balls to leave my comments up there cuz you knew ppl would laugh in agreement with me and disagree with your argument with me, it was all just a joke to begin with, your the one who is actually pissed off writing me secret emails that i cant even check because you deleted my comments so i dont even know what you said anyway except for the fist couple words, i dont care to know what you said, i wont ever get on here anyway, just me and my friend joined this site today cuz we thought what you said was completely wrong and we got a kick out of making fun of you, iam the loser? your the loser who spends a lot of time on this site and writes on this site for free and writes alot it seems like and still cant seem to get his facts strait....your a horrible author and all the comments that you have received on your article support what i one agrees with you about what you said about me..out of all 20 something comments everyone doesent like you or think your right..your the go ahead and delete this comment too..and reply talking shit but i wont read it because i promise i wont ever get on here again so i get the last word....the ppl who read my comments emailed me and thought they were really really funny....your a faggot