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  • Ruly Fdz posted 1047 days ago

    Ruly Fdz

    Hey brother, hope all is well. I don't usually comment much these days but I just wanted to check how you where doing. Your one of the few people I enjoy talking with on B/R and we really haven't talked lately. I guess is because there is not much conflict between our teams these days but looks like the Cs are heading in the right direction, my heat have been struggling this season but I feel good about the future. I like Brad Stevens and Kelly Olynyk. I feel like they have a nice future and will develop nicely together. Btw everyone down here is extremely disappointed in Hassan for the hit on Olynyk, but it looks like he is genuinely sorry for what happened he even called Olynyk to apologize to him. Anyways it would be nice to hear from you, your one of the good ones. Take care man

  • Jacob Roper posted 1309 days ago

    Jacob Roper

    Will you return to the Celtics one day Paul?

  • Mojo Jojo posted 1427 days ago

    Mojo Jojo

    Hi there!

    I read your responses on 'Rondo skipping a Celtics game for his birthday' and you're hilarious! FYI, I agree with you. They missed the fact that he's day-to-day and wasn't even supposed to play anyway. Thanks for shouting the haters out. It's so stupid what they get on Rondo for, smh.

  • Jeremy Klomberg posted 1474 days ago

    Jeremy Klomberg

    11 pauly drive blauvelt new york is my adress
    see ya soon;)

  • Jeremy Klomberg posted 1474 days ago

    Jeremy Klomberg

    can we meet up;) i wanna show u my skillz! #D1 bounddddd

  • Ball So Hard posted 1497 days ago

    Ball So Hard

    I understand that russell felt the city was racist and he never really liked boston hell even in his prime he could not sell out the stadium. I was only saying you implied the reason why he did not already have a statue was due to the city of Boston not wanting to give him one.

  • Ball So Hard posted 1498 days ago

    Ball So Hard

    dude calm down i have read multiple books on bill russell and he refused do have statue of himself out of self pride and the only reason why he finally agreed was due to the celtics doing some type of charitable work in return.

    ps i never said he did not deserve one.

  • Ball So Hard posted 1500 days ago

    Ball So Hard

    russell never wanted a statue

  • Long gone posted 1501 days ago

    Long gone

    Long time no speak.

  • Long gone posted 1502 days ago

    Long gone