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Nick James


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  • Pranav Tadikonda posted 1980 days ago

    Pranav Tadikonda

    Hey Nick,

    Thanks for letting me know about my article and the 200 word rule. I edited it and made it longer. Was that the only problem with the article? I'm pretty sure I sourced everything correctly.


  • Kelly Scaletta posted 2165 days ago

    Kelly Scaletta

    BTW, Englestad Arena! You go to UND? I used to live in Grand Forks for about five years. Went to HS at Sacred Heart in East Grand Forks. My mom lived over near the University until she passed away last spring.

  • Kelly Scaletta posted 2165 days ago

    Kelly Scaletta

    Hey nick. I think on my article you're editing right now you're going to tell me I need to source it. Sorry, I accidentally published it before I put in the link. Went to go edit it and you were already there.

  • Brian Geraghty posted 2282 days ago

    Brian Geraghty

    Hey Nick, thaanks for editing my article. Much appreciated!

  • Mohamed Al-Hendy posted 2303 days ago

    Mohamed Al-Hendy

    Hey Nick, would you mind changing the title of my article back to what it was? I know you're intentions are to increase the visibility of the article and all, but me and Will Tidey discussed the title of the article for a long time and would like it to remain as is. Thanks!

  • Greg Eno posted 2884 days ago

    Greg Eno

    Thanks for being a fan, Michael!