Pablo Sixx

Pablo Sixx


I have been practicing martial arts for the most part of my life. Started practicing traditional Karate since I was a kid as my interest in martial arts movies grew. Finally, sometime in the early 90's the UFC tapes arrived at the local blockbuster. The UFC III, was the most impressive Martial Arts event I had seen. I watched in awe while Kimo Leopold carried a giant cross over his back, to later lose a brawl against a much smaller and weaker looking opponent, called Royce Gracie. That was how my interest in MMA began.

Martial Arts continue to be part of my life, and as a hobby I work doing a few marketing stints from time to time. My current work includes marketing consulting for United Combat Fight Network and Filming/Producing videos for Sport Clubs and Athletes. Most of the Sport Clubs I help are involved in Martial Arts, and so are most of the Athletes I help. This is not my primary job, but I enjoy doing it to the fullest!

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  • Huwebes Fernandez posted 3189 days ago

    Huwebes Fernandez

    freddie roach was not also the best but also the most kind trainer we ever got in this boxing world.

    pls read and enjoy. ^^

    comments are well appreciated.:)

  • Huwebes Fernandez posted 3199 days ago

    Huwebes Fernandez

    check out my latest exclusive slideshow about the event called global supremacy... hope to hear from your critical analysis... thanks and good day to you all... hope you leave a comment.. thanks.. :)

  • Todd Parmelee posted 3496 days ago

    Todd Parmelee

    Interesting paper on the marketing aspect of Elite XC and UFC.

  • Bryan Trafford posted 3524 days ago

    Bryan Trafford

    thanks for the add, look forward to hearing your thoughts on our ever growing sport of MMA.

  • Pablo Sixx posted 3525 days ago

    Pablo Sixx

    Hey guys, I had to revise the last document I posted on the UFC vs EliteXC. Here is the new link to this document.
    The most valuable aspect of this project are the marketing recommendations for EliteXC.

    Hopefully, Saturdays show will make all these recommendations obsolete!

    Again, I appreciate any feedback.