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My name is Jack Slack and I'm a passionate English writer and analyst of combat sports. Formerly of Bloody Elbow, I now write for Bleacher Report and my own blog,

I have had the great pleasure of performing analytical work for several elite fighters and a couple of coaches but am truly only focused on getting a suitable level of analysis into the mainstream MMA media.

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  • jhon alex posted 858 days ago

    jhon alex

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  • jhon alex posted 973 days ago

    jhon alex

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  • John Dalton posted 1374 days ago

    John  Dalton

    I would really like to see your technical analysis of Werdum's standup last night. Going in I thought he would win with the improvement he showed over Nelson and Noguiera but I WAS worried Browne might catch him with those elbows which Werdum managed to avoid. I was VERY impressed with Werdum's ability to not only link combinations but also stay out of trouble AND who can forget that kip up! GIF Of the year moment if you add that into your article!

  • The Punch Master posted 1379 days ago

    The Punch Master

    Oh wow you moved! It's fine by me. You're way too good for bleacher report.

  • BMC8889 posted 1389 days ago


    I'll be there for sure.

  • Jack Slack posted 1389 days ago

    Jack Slack

    It's been a pleasure guys! Make sure to keep up with my work at my new home, Fightland.

  • Will Bassett posted 1394 days ago

    Will Bassett

    Hey Jack Massive fan! Absolutely love what you write and constantly learn so much!
    I was wandering if you could perhaps do an analysis on Chuck Liddell and then on Randy couture separately.
    Chuck is my all time favourite fighter and who doesn't love Randy and his style, the greatest tactician perhaps!!
    But overall I would love an article on chuck and his style especially his stand up and footwork :)
    Thanks Jack!

  • Jeremy King posted 1405 days ago

    Jeremy King

    Jack, I'm a huge fan of your writing. I'm a grappler who hates getting punched but you make me really appreciate the art of striking. Thanks!
    PS how bout a few words about your countryman, big slow, I thought his striking in his last contest was really interesting.

  • Eurico VonMoodySnatch posted 1409 days ago

    Eurico VonMoodySnatch

    Jack, when is the technical breakdown of Hendricks vs Lawlor coming up?
    I'm constantly refreshing the UFC page waiting for it to pop up!

  • Marcelo Moura posted 1412 days ago

    Marcelo Moura

    Mr. Jack Slack,

    Please write a "Killing The King" about Chris Weidman!

    Your articles are simply on another level. I think all fighters, especially top contenders, should read your work.

    In fact, your column here is so good that, when I'm too busy to follow all the MMA news, I read only what you write.

    Thank you.