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It's all about MMA, nothing else.

Grim is here to take the number one spot, over the rest of the mediocre writers spouting off the same stuff that they read over on a different website, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!!!!!

Grim won't hesitate to throw a pointless debate your way with his harsh, condescending comments, even if he makes a fool of himself.

Apparently, Grim has to play nice or all of the #s out there report him to have his comments removed. I smell a small fear that is slowly festering into a phobia. It has become such a phobia that his comments never even make it to the treads, it's fear on epic proportions.

I proclaim this the reign of Lord Grim. XD

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  • Chris Topher Bean posted 2893 days ago

    Chris Topher  Bean

    apparently bleacher report removed the comment that you posted on my article about forrest griffin and rich franklin, but i saw it and that kind of junk isnt needed. i didnt insult anyone. i didnt tell anyone that they were stupid or wrong. i simply stated my opinion. and i dont know how onld you are, but i'm seventeen years old. if you're older then me, and you take pleasure in posted something like, "you opinion is full of sh*t, just like you as*hole." on my page, then i pity you.

    dont do that junk again. its not cool and its disrespectful.

  • Robert Gardner posted 2893 days ago

    Robert Gardner

    Why would I have reported your comments, they were gone before I even had an opportunity to read them. Not my style at all bud. I hate when that crap happens.