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  • Atlanta Hawks Fan posted 1265 days ago

    Atlanta Hawks Fan

    Hey Hamed.

  • Completely Biased Heat Fan posted 1272 days ago

    Completely Biased Heat Fan

    Your opinion is a failure.

  • Baller 4Life posted 1286 days ago

    Baller 4Life

    I can say a million arguments. I choose not to because you are stupid, ignorant, clueless, arrogant, and a hater. You can't deal with someone like that. It's easier to communicate with a dog than an idiot like you. Have fun at the draft.

  • Baller 4Life posted 1286 days ago

    Baller 4Life

    Wow. Everything you said was BS assumptions and BS opinions. I have never seen someone as stupid as you. Full of ignorance and stupidty. Don't worry. This month you can watch your sorry as Lakers and Kobrick at the draft.

  • Baller 4Life posted 1287 days ago

    Baller 4Life

    "Most Heat fans are bandwagons, so I'm just assuming you are too." That's called ignorance you idiot. I honestly think you are like 10 years old. have you ever had severe cramps? For someone of LeBron's size and full of muscle, he had severe cramps. You can tear your ACL and you can play. When you have severe cramps, you can't move. It's funny that you bring in MJ, because he had to leave a finals game as well because of cramps. You wouldn't know because you never watched Jordan. You only watch Kobrick. No the facts before you talk BS.

  • Baller 4Life posted 1289 days ago

    Baller 4Life

    Lol you proved you are a troll. You tried being funny by saying I am a bandwagon fan just to get me and other Heat fans mad. That is called trolling you dumba**.

  • Slightly Biased Thunder Fan posted 1293 days ago

    Slightly Biased Thunder Fan

    yea I think I started commenting around december or janurary

  • Slightly Biased Thunder Fan posted 1294 days ago

    Slightly Biased Thunder Fan

    Lol it sucked! I was gunning to be in the top 100 for total comments

  • Shaquille O'Stand posted 1297 days ago

    Shaquille O'Stand

    stop talking basketball, you have no idea what you are talking about. you are making yourself look like an idiot without even realizing it

  • Hamed Haddadi posted 1297 days ago

    Hamed  Haddadi

    Guys I'm Back!