Gregory Jerome

Gregory Jerome


My girlfriend and I live in Queens, New York and root for the Mets and Jets. I generally write about the Mets, but will cover any story that I find interesting and under reported.

I am research oriented and appreciate concise, expressive writing that tells the whole story.

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  • Robert Knapel posted 2515 days ago

    Robert  Knapel

    I thought you might like this.

  • jeremy batista posted 2553 days ago

    jeremy batista

    How did they win despite of Mark sanchez when he threw 7 game winning TD'S this season and did everything. the running game only scored 6 TD'S this season.

  • Dan Morrill posted 2650 days ago

    Dan Morrill

    A quick search shows the term chronic traumatic encephalopathy has been used in published medical literature for decades, not only before Omalu supposedly named it in 2002, but before he even came to America.

    Chronic traumatic encephalopathy in boxers.Sabharwal RK, Sanchetee PC, Sethi PK, Dhamija RM.J Assoc Physicians India. 1987 Aug;35(8):571-3

    Neurologic aspects of boxing.
    Jordan BD. Arch Neurol. 1987 Apr;44(4):453-9.

    Does Swedish amateur boxing lead to chronic brain damage? 2. A retrospective study with CT and MRI.
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    Acta Neurol Scand. 1990 Nov;82(5):297-302

    The neuropsychiatric aspects of boxing.
    Mendez MF.
    Int J Psychiatry Med. 1995;25(3):249-62.

  • Robert Knapel posted 2740 days ago

    Robert  Knapel

    I completed the article about the prospects that you asked for. I hope you like it.

  • Sammy Makki posted 2744 days ago

    Sammy Makki

    I guess I can include the lineups in the preview. Although, I just put the lineups out now.

  • Sammy Makki posted 2744 days ago

    Sammy Makki

    I didn't get to see the rest of the comment you sent me...something about lineups?

  • Robert Knapel posted 2788 days ago

    Robert  Knapel

    I wanted to let you know I'm writing for a new website as well. The site is Mr. Mets Daily and it can be found at There is content available on there that is not on Bleacher Report.

  • Ash Marshall posted 2798 days ago

    Ash Marshall

    Hey GJ,

    Here are two Mets stories I thought you might enjoy reading. The first is a behind the scenes look at putting together the new Hall of Fame and museum that opened in April, and the second is an interview with the man who owns the Mookie Wilson ball that got through Billy Buckner's legs. It is a pretty good story that I hope all Mets fans will enjoy.

    Any feedback would be fantastic.