Jeb Williamson

Jeb Williamson


Admittedly, it has been a bit since I last flirted with writing sports-related pieces, but I've recently had the itch to pick it up again.

We'll see how long it lasts.

I have published works in varying genres. My poems and short stories have appeared in regional literary journals in the South and Midwest. I have written commetaries on social concerns and financial regulations for various outlets.

I am a father of two, married to a tempestuous beauty with a big heart and am grateful.

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  • Tims Quinn posted 2237 days ago

    Tims Quinn

    Once the committee co-chair declined to kiss and tell who Ole Miss interviewed, what possible import would revealing the number kissed have that was germane? So let's just go with 13. Or 17. Or 19. Now, that's very satisfying. I feel good, I like it.

  • Aaron Katzenmeyer posted 2689 days ago

    Aaron Katzenmeyer

    I'm interested to know your take on the whole MSU Cowbell deal. It seems pointless to supply fines at the end of the season. I definitely heard the bells ringing last night during every Auburn offensive play.

  • J. Michael Gunner posted 2728 days ago

    J. Michael Gunner

    A bit to quick to 'diss' your Ole Miss Rebels.....aka remarks made regarding loss LY to Ms State. Yes, the Rebels should have won but your 'analogy' on Ole Miss losing a game it's 'supposed' to win doesn't hold-up when you're referencing a game vs an in-state rival. A school who HATES all things Ole Miss. And, heck, like I said, it's a RIVALRY game. All bets are off whenever heated rivals suit-up.

  • Robert Dunn posted 2882 days ago

    Robert Dunn

    Thanks Jeb. No worries. Didn't expect to be called a dumbass by a contributor...that's a first. I can't imagine he's been doing this long.
    I'll be reading your content; hope to see you in the grove.

  • Kevin McGrady posted 2884 days ago

    Kevin McGrady

    I am glad you liked it. Thanks for the read.

  • chip M posted 2889 days ago

    chip M

    Good read on SEC trying for 5 in a row, but you left out a huge hurdle faced by Bama - 6 opponents have open weeks before they play Bama.

  • Rory Brown posted 2902 days ago

    Rory Brown

    Keep up the good reads, Jeb. Don't hesitate to post anything new to my board -- enjoy reading your stuff.