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I live for MMA, I breathe football and I almost missed one of my best buds wedding cause he had the audacity of getting married when #2 UT played #1 Ohio State in Austin when I was living in San Antonio. I almost went to the game instead of the wedding I was in... sigh... UT lost anyway but still!

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  • Robert DesRoche posted 3090 days ago

    Robert DesRoche

    My comeback article. Thoughts would be well appreciated.

  • Derek Bolender posted 3101 days ago

    Derek Bolender

    Check out my latest article based on an interview I did with Kenny Florian:

    Thanks for the read!

  • Huwebes Fernandez posted 3142 days ago

    Huwebes Fernandez

    the huwebes has returned...after a long hiatus this is my comeback article here in bleacherreport as time is really closing for me in here...

    mabuhay bleacher report!!! :)

  • Derek Bolender posted 3147 days ago

    Derek Bolender

    Check out my Rich Franklin interview before UFC 99 on Sat! Thanks!

  • Derek Bolender posted 3154 days ago

    Derek Bolender

    Check out my Andrei Arlovski interview before he fights tomorrow:

    Thanks, enjoy!

  • Derek Bolender posted 3155 days ago

    Derek Bolender

    Check out my interview w/ Ben Saunders who will be facing Mike Swick at UFC 99:


  • Derek Bolender posted 3161 days ago

    Derek Bolender

    Check out my interview w/ lightweight stud Eddie Alvarez :


  • jason hughes posted 3172 days ago

    jason hughes

    FRANK, YOU MIGHT FIND THAT I EDITED YOUR ARTICLE "MMA vsBoxing, Not Ex cactley A Fair Fight" but i never did anything to your article. at one time i actually thought of sending it over to the boxing section but after really thinking about it i thought that that would be a terrible desicion on my part and did not do it. But i still think that the men over in the boxing section would love to read and discuss this article, which i found to be very thought provoking and a very overall terriffic piece of material, but i then decided that if would have wanted it in there section you would have just put it over there your self, so i just let it be at that. touching your article w/o your consent would be a classless act, but i do mbelieve it would stir up more of a debate in the boxing section becaus i have found, first hand that many MMAfans simply are not interested in the boxing aspect of the sport. i still gave it 5 stars and potd but i am afraid that it will just get swept under the rug in MMA and i thought that it would generate a better response in that section.....alas, i never edited it, i just left it alone .

  • Huwebes Fernandez posted 3191 days ago

    Huwebes Fernandez

    freddie roach was not also the best but also the most kind trainer we ever got in this boxing world.

    pls read and enjoy. ^^

    comments are well appreciated.:)

  • Huwebes Fernandez posted 3195 days ago

    Huwebes Fernandez

    My newest, yet deep and dark article.

    Enjoy! ^^
    Huwebes Fernandez