Cory Ballard

Cory Ballard


Names Cory Ballard, im 21, and love wrestling. Almost more than that though, i love being able to talk about it =D

I stumbled across B/R one day after searching google for info like i used to do, and now im all over this place. i come here about everyday to see whats been written about wrestling reading what others have to say even if i have no opinion on it myself.

I honestly feel smackdown has come a long way, it has my attention these days. its where i can find the majority of my fave's, spanning from JoMo to Punk...but raw still has orton =P


23 now, looking back at the top part really can tell you something lol JoMo is no more, Orton on Smackdown! Punk however is still my favorite ever since the days when the fire burned. 2006 when he stepped into the ring with Justin Credible making a mark on the WWE born ECW. From the point I have taken the time to journey back through Youtube and places to enjoy the indy days of one of my favorites.

My first ever Mania I actually witnessed as it aired on PPV was WM 25. Never before had I felt what it was like to see Takers streak defended. You can usually rest assured that when Raw rolls around that taker will still be undefeated, and that life will continue as we knew it the day before but watching it happen, there was such a "what if.." factor. It was quite the ride.

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    Siva Prasad

    Cory, my mate..

    A new update in TNHogan, a gift that keeps giving. There's some good wrestling, good storylines and a lot to laugh about. Do check it out, even if this is a shameless plug.