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  • Sports Lover posted 1697 days ago

    Sports Lover

    Nice pic.

  • Fatir Naeem posted 1704 days ago

    Fatir Naeem

    Man good going ;P

  • Afoo Pharo posted 1704 days ago

    Afoo Pharo

    heel you are brainless i think fashi is as fucked uped as u do so shut the fuck up

  • Ryan L posted 1705 days ago

    Ryan  L


  • Matt Rogers posted 1706 days ago

    Matt Rogers

    No. I'm sorry. I'm not leaving my friends. I already know that you are fasih, with the way you talk to Heel. Goodbye.

  • Afoo Pharo posted 1706 days ago

    Afoo Pharo

    All of you who believe I am Fasih or any other weirdo,I am not.
    I am just a guy who's trying to put some perspective into the mindless and ridiculous opinions of people

  • Shah Ransh posted 1706 days ago

    Shah Ransh

    Nice name. Listen "Afoo", if you have a problem with me and Heel, then deal with us directly. You can't divide us.

  • BRYAN HART posted 1707 days ago


    Hey continue to insult people, youll go far, really, heels beat faces 100 percent

  • Parastou Zadeh posted 1707 days ago

    Parastou Zadeh

    never said that I said they have similarities. Instead of being closed minded how about you take the time to learn about other religions.

  • Matt Rogers posted 1707 days ago

    Matt Rogers

    For someone talking about others the way you are, you would think that you would avoid comments like "find a mental institutions". Maybe you are the reason why you can't get along with them. So what if Shiekh doesn't like Jewish people. That is his right. You have a problem with Heel or Shash, you deal with it. You sound like you have your own problems with these guys, so why are you trying to drive a wedge between us?