I am a broadcast journalism student at the original OU here at Ohio University, and am a fan of anything played on a field, court, diamond, rink, pitch—whatever, really. Got a question for me about something I've written, or just anything in general? Just send me a message, I'm happy to answer anything.

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  • NotoriousJBP posted 1332 days ago


    http://bleacherreport.com/articles/779576-15-current-players-guaranteed-to-one-day-make-the-hall-of-fame/page/2 … YOU JINXED D ROSE

  • Calvin 's 2nd Account posted 1652 days ago

    Calvin 's 2nd Account

    hey jessy, if like my commentz so much why dont u marry them?

  • Matt Donnelly posted 1653 days ago

    Matt Donnelly

    @ Jesse I'd be very curious and interested to see you do a top 50 NBA players post 2013 season.

    It's not going into next season, it's just considering the playoffs, and the regular season. A final top 50

  • The Cowardula posted 1666 days ago

    The Cowardula

    Omg r u FRED??? O.O

  • Emily Cheung posted 1688 days ago

    Emily Cheung

    None of your stories have anything meaningful to the NBA.

    This ain't TMZ.

  • Guy Newcomb posted 1693 days ago

    Guy Newcomb

    Jesse would you be available for an interview with Fox Sports Affiliate, Jock 98.7 if so contact me at Cell 417-327-6914 or email at gnewcomb987@gmail.com

  • Cody Hamblin posted 1693 days ago

    Cody Hamblin

    Hey man, no matter how many articles I read, my ''articles read'' number stays at 0. What do I do to count an article as read?? Thanks in advance

  • Mark Johnson posted 1712 days ago

    Mark Johnson

    Hey Jesse, I'd love if you could head over to a site that I work on and make a pick for your favorite team, in our fan interactive mock draft! http://theleaguenews.com/fan-interactive-mock-draft I'd really appreciate it!

  • Marvin Reyes posted 1713 days ago

    Marvin Reyes

    Hey man loved your article about the Warriors vs. Spurs. I was wondering if you could let the world know more about the three rookies that are playing lights out for the Warriors? I think people fail to realize what kind of work they've been doing and haven't been getting enough credit in the media. Thanks

  • Paul Krowitz posted 1722 days ago

    Paul Krowitz

    Hi Jesse. I hope I came to the right person with this message as I have observed that you usually write out of the box fun articles that sometimes have nothing to do with the NBA at all but fun nonetheless.

    I have an article idea: how about writing about each team and predicting who else is gay. No offense, no discrimination, just a funny article about who might be gay. Then add a poll for each team on who the fans think are gay. I think you can write this in a very politically correct manner without offending anyone.

    I can imagine the comments when a fan's favorite player is leading the polls!