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  • 713KLP posted 1389 days ago


    Laughing at the injuries of others? You're a sad individual.

    Woj confirms Beverley will not need surgery and will play again this season.

    Timetable: 10 days - 4 weeks. (2 weeks being most likely)

  • Stephanie Greer posted 1397 days ago

    Stephanie Greer

    what have I said that was racist?

  • Indians Fan posted 1500 days ago

    Indians Fan


  • Long gone posted 1538 days ago

    Long gone


  • Josh Nicholas posted 1619 days ago

    Josh Nicholas

    im not butthurt. thanks

  • Josh Nicholas posted 1653 days ago

    Josh Nicholas

    D12 is only 27 he's got many years ahead of him if he can stay healthy and is still very athletic. Even when he was hurt h put up good numbers and when healthy He is the best center in the game. Facts. Why you so hurt he left? Of course everyones athleticism fades but his isn't faded yet. You are ignorant and hurt

  • Kawhi Leonard posted 1667 days ago

    Kawhi  Leonard

    Hey dude ur rlly cool man. i fanned you

  • Emily Cheung posted 1694 days ago

    Emily Cheung

    He really doesn't watch any sports.

    He just looks at tweets and thinks he's smart enough to think he knows shyt. but he doesn't

  • James Dolan Is an Idiot posted 1704 days ago

    James Dolan Is an Idiot

    u have no time for me when you wrote me two paragraphs lmao

  • James Dolan Is an Idiot posted 1705 days ago

    James Dolan Is an Idiot

    i took the loss like a man if u didnt look at the comment section of the article "pacers eliminate knicks in wild game 6" you have no right to talk about other fanbases when u probably thought u were going to win the chip this year with the most overrated team in history.