Bradley King

Bradley King


Bradley King is a 22-year-old sports writer based in the seaside town of Cleethorpes, UK.

He graduated from the University of Lincoln with a first-class degree in Journalism in 2011 and currently writes for football nostalgia site 'Forgot About Him' and, of course, Bleacher Report.

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  • Owen Watson posted 3074 days ago

    Owen Watson

    Probably him not seeing your email, he gets loads of them (that's what he says when he doesn't reply to mine anyway!!)

  • Owen Watson posted 3074 days ago

    Owen Watson

    Alright man...he replied on the 10th he tells me, asking when you'd be available to start & what your schedule would be (i.e. when you'd be able to pick up a shift)

    Check to see if you've got his email...if not just drop him a line giving him ^^ that info

  • Owen Watson posted 3077 days ago

    Owen Watson

    Gets back to you quicker than he does me then!! He is probably busy working out a schedule for this season's match coverage...

    He struggling to find someone local to Liverpool to cover them as well.

    If he doesn't let you know by next week let me know and I'll give him a nudge!

  • Owen Watson posted 3077 days ago

    Owen Watson

    Alright man, you ever email that guy? He get back to you?

  • Owen Watson posted 3098 days ago

    Owen Watson

    Rating that article about Joe Hart, high quality

  • A Dimond posted 3466 days ago

    A Dimond

    Cheers for the add and POTD mate - you are now one of my heroes!

  • Salaar Shamsi posted 3498 days ago

    Salaar Shamsi

    Hey mate,

    After the success of the first two round tables,I have been urged by our top writers and Zander Freund to "keep em coming",However,we don't want to put to much pressure on our top writers so we are going to keep a round table discussion on a weekly basis.

    The B/R team are looking at creative ways to get the new writers involved,any suggestions from our top writers would be invaluable...

    We are considering a poll of topics which our top writers could vote for as the topic for the Round Table Discussions,However,all that is for the future..

    Presently,the FIFA community's third round table discussion is to be unveiled.

    The Topic is :
    "Who do you think is the greatest forward in world football in current times and why?".

    It can be a poacher,a clinical finisher,an old fashioned striker...or anyone just has to be forward playing today not somebody who retired years ago like Pele...You have to describe why you chose them and the club and country,they play for...

    All that should be mailed with your name to in 50-120 words..(LATEST BY 24 June 2008 (Tuesday)


  • Molly Gray posted 3503 days ago

    Molly Gray

    I'm sorry! Feel free to change it back! I should have realized, it being an international article, that you were using different spelling rules. You are always free (and justified) to changes any edits from an editor on Bleacher Report.