Grew up about 4 miles from the infamous site of the Marshall football team's plane crash in 1970, which probably should say all that needs to be said about my passion for my college team. Otherwise, picked my pro teams arbitrarily as a first grader according to my favorite trading cards: Joe Morgan of the Astros, Craig Morton of the Cowboys, and Pete Maravich of the Hawks.

Beyond that, I have a reputation on the forums that I frequent for being someone always looking to build better mouse traps, or more precisely, how to improve systems that are lack integrity and common sense. My current career is as a college professor, but previous to that, I spent a substantial amount of time in work that brought diverse groups of people together around good causes. Therefore, it is difficult for me to accept the words, "It can't be done."

Accordingly, I have worked up win-win solutions that matter to all of baseball (the DH vs. No DH dilemma) and to all of college football (the bowls vs. playoffs debate), as well as smaller regional solutions such as a recent analysis of the viability of a High-A baseball league stocked primarily by the mid-U.S. MLB franchises. And perhaps my loftiest and most grandiose idea is to put an end to the U.S. government's grandstanding every time there is an issue around which they find political opportunity to grandstand... while concurrently, providing a new voice in American sports that is beholden in some degree to the voice of the fans.

Summarizing, it is my hope and expectation to provide a stream of articles that provoke thought about more sensible ways things could be done.

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