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When it comes to sports and me, its a funny story. Before the year 2000 I hated sports. Then the Subway Series came to New York, and I was hooked. It started with rooting for the Yankees, which I am not a fan of anymore due to the organization really being scum. Then it followed with hockey and football, where I follow the New Jersey Devils and the New York Jets. Soon after that followed basketball where I follow the New Jersey Nets. Overall I would say I love hockey then football then baseball then basketball. I'm a Devils and Jets season ticket holder and I go to many sporting events a year. It has become a huge part of my life and I'd love to share my insights with anybody who wants to read about it. So drop a comment if you agree or disagree with me and I'd love to debate and read your articles as well.

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  • T.A posted 3158 days ago


    Was Bart Starr underrated or overrated? I love to hear what you think.

  • Patrick Read posted 3395 days ago

    Patrick Read

    Anyone all-in on hockey like that, I am a fan of - regardles of team becuase Hockey needs exposure. IMO, they are the best athletes, bar none - they do it on ice!
    keep writing dude, youre garnishing a lot of attention!

  • Greg Caggiano posted 3416 days ago

    Greg Caggiano

    Hey man, thanks for the vote!

  • Chris Finocchio posted 3429 days ago

    Chris Finocchio

    I see Gary beat me to it, but congrats on Fox Sports. Keep up the good work,


  • Gary Lloyd posted 3429 days ago

    Gary Lloyd

    It is great. Keep the following link bookmarked because lots of B/R articles get posted here...

  • Gary Lloyd posted 3430 days ago

    Gary Lloyd

    Congrats on being linked to, Ben. Here's the link:

  • M MacDonald Hall posted 3434 days ago

    M MacDonald Hall

    Hi Ben,

    I'm M MacDonald Hall, the Calgary Flames Community Leader and NHL columnist.

    I have been noticing lots of hockey fans complaining about the lack of the game during the summer, so anyone I see on B/R who seems to want to stay icy, I am challenging to some trivia.

    That's you Ben! I noticed your comment on Greg's "Out on a Limb" article. Just thought you might want to get in on the game! There are three chapters already, and there will be more out on a regular schedule for the summer. Hope to see you out there, and enjoy!

    Here's a link to chapter one, and from there are posted links to the others. Let me know if you have posted answers on you profile, and I'll give them a quick once-over!

    Take care, and see you out there!


  • Andrew Kneeland posted 3435 days ago

    Andrew Kneeland

    Hey, do you have an email where I could reach you at?

  • Harris Decker posted 3445 days ago

    Harris Decker

    just a thought, ben you should publish all of your top ten lists, with some explanations. That could be fun.