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I am a student at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

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  • Yoosof Farah posted 2236 days ago

    Yoosof Farah

    Only just re-read my article. Thanks very much for the edits, you actually made my article a lot better!

  • Mikhail Turner posted 2236 days ago

    Mikhail  Turner

    Thanks for the edits

  • Bob Bajek posted 2236 days ago

    Bob  Bajek

    Thanks for the edit on my ACC Championship story, Andrew. I was writing about the Auburn Tigers the last article and got mixed up because they both have the same nickname. Thank you so much for the save. Bob

  • Josh Toyofuku posted 2238 days ago

    Josh Toyofuku

    Thanks for the edit, Andrew!

  • Randy Chambers posted 2238 days ago

    Randy Chambers

    Thank you. It's always appreciated.

  • Matt Stein posted 2241 days ago

    Matt Stein

    Thanks for the edit, Andrew. Appreciate the work.

  • Mike Stanger posted 2242 days ago

    Mike Stanger

    Appreciate the edits!

  • Mikhail Turner posted 2243 days ago

    Mikhail  Turner

    Thanks for the edits

  • Hadarii Jones posted 2244 days ago

    Hadarii Jones

    Thanks for the help Andrew it's appreciated.

  • Brian Roach posted 2245 days ago

    Brian Roach

    Thanks for the edits!