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  • Mickey Doherty posted 1225 days ago

    Mickey Doherty

    I just was going through your 2014 preseason NFL mock draft. I got to the end and realized you predicted the Texans to win the superbowl, beating the Atlanta Falcons. You picked literally the worst team in the NFL last year to win the superbowl over the 3rd worst team.

    Obviously nobody saw that Houston and Atlanta collapse coming, but ouch, that is awful.

  • Jarred Braxton posted 1745 days ago

    Jarred Braxton

    You're an idiot. Your mock draft analysis on the Chargers is completely wrong. One of the reasons Philip Rivers struggled over the last two years is because of the OL, not the WR corps. How can any pocket-passer light up the scoreboard when they are getting sacked nearly 80 times in the last few years? How is Allen going to keep Rivers from getting sacked? Hmm...I'm waiting.

  • Ty Johnson posted 1747 days ago

    Ty Johnson

    Correction.... to National Championship game, not Championship

  • Ty Johnson posted 1747 days ago

    Ty Johnson

    Can't understand a list for Top 25 QB's for 2013 without Everett Golson of Notre Dame. Led team to National Championship with Arm and Feet. Having him in the others to watch list is insulting. Yes, I am Irish fan...but, still would question his omission if I wasn't.

  • Anthony Dias posted 1856 days ago

    Anthony Dias

    You gonna revise those freshman All-Americans? Both of your WR picks are looking a bit meh compared to Davante Adams.

  • Minnie Tai-Sangani posted 1868 days ago

    Minnie Tai-Sangani

    Of course! I'm glad to help.

  • Amber Lee posted 1941 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Hey thanks so much for the compliment—and for reading!—it's very much appreciated. <3

  • James Somers posted 1947 days ago

    James Somers

    Household names in 2012??? Write this one down: C.J. Fiedorowicz, TE, Iowa.

  • Matt Haley posted 1967 days ago

    Matt Haley

    Nice Article on the College QBs this year.

  • David Persons posted 2029 days ago

    David Persons

    My pleasure. have you heard anything about Ed Wesley not playing this year?