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  • Steve Backs posted 1364 days ago

    Steve Backs

    ***Pumping away Idiots and Trolls from B/R"
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    Jihoon Nam
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  • Nathan F posted 1432 days ago

    Nathan F

    It's also not just average players it's old players but luckily it seems most will be on the way out in the summer.

    I don't think it's a case of second fiddle all three players seem to be getting no faith from Moyes. They have all been frozen out of the team at some point while Valencia, Young, Cleverley and Welbeck have had been consistently rubbish all season and are always getting opportunities. I actually think especially in Nani and Kagawa's case if we tossed out the outdated 4-4-2 and modernized they'd be much better than they have been.

    I don't even think Valencia is good enough to be a squad player anymore. Should be sold IMO 18 months of abysmal performances. I might sound negative but I want us to play good football again and that's not possible with players like Valencia and Young.

    Nothing would make me happier than seeing Young shown the door haha

    I think we'll bring in 2 CM's, 1 CB, 1 LB, 1 wide player, and maybe a striker depending on who leaves.

  • Abz posted 1435 days ago


    This is what I would try and do if I were Moyes. Thoughts?

  • Jihoon Nam posted 1435 days ago

    Jihoon Nam

    Well yeah, Fellaini was more attack minded in Everton. But I think he has the characteristics of a good CM, he just has to find his groove.

    I've never seen us play good ball for quite some time now :/ It's rare that I was satisfied with our performances :/ Crossing, crossing and more crossing. Mata being played out of position. A useless 4-4-1-1. smh

    Cleverley actually did pretty okay in the Arsenal game but I saw some people still blaming him for the draw lol. He's really been an unfortunate scapegoat. He's not performed well, but everyone seems to blame him for every bad performance.

    I gave up on 4th even before that haha, we're too far off in the league table. We just have to make it to the EL and... hopefully win it ( I think we have a great chance of doing so, if Moyes plays the players in the correct positions dammit)

    I see many people divided on us making it to the EL or settling for 7th. What do you think? I'm obviously for the EL, at least. we need to show some ambition.

  • Abz posted 1437 days ago


    Agreed. Some people have said we don't need a replacement and I'm like "we're losing arguably two of the best CB's of the PL era, and you want to replace that with nothing?!". If I was in charge I'd try to get Vertonghen or someone of his quality (proven at the highest level). I'd also get someone just as good but not as proven in Lovren. Both have PL experience and both very different, and yet, promising youngish defenders. That would be ideal, but it's not going to be easy to get them there'll be competition, we need to pay top dollar!
    The problem though could be Levy.

    You and I have a complete different view on Smalling. I think he'll be a good squad player, but tbh I don't think we'll win a PL if he's a CB for 30+ games. Jones on the other hand I can see being in the first team next year. Hopefully Vertonghen and Jones, that'd be great!

    Dante could be a nice short term solution, but we're not ready to challenge for the title in my opinion, and a transition period doesn't require a 31 year old defender, we should be going for someone younger.

    Garay is a good shout, maybe we can finally land him.

    I think getting 4 points against Arsenal across 2 games is great, but we lost the top 4 a few weeks ago, and this was still the right thing to do. If we played more with more of an attack we would've lost the game imo. Wbu?

    Top 4 was lost in my head after we lost to Stoke. I was confident we'd get it until we lost to Spurs, and then after the Stoke game it's completely gone.

    What'd you think?

  • Nathan F posted 1437 days ago

    Nathan F

    Love the optimism but every game just increases my doubts :/

    It's not the strongest team but it's better than Everton, Liverpool an Spurs' but why aren't we above them? Because those managers are getting the best out of those group of players while sadly Moyes is failing EG: he has one of the best forwards in Europe in RVP yet he spends most games in the box watching crosses go over his head instead of playing to his strengths which is ball to feet. Yes we have a gaping hole in midfield but he also had two transfer windows to fix it or at least bring in someone reliable.

    I agree his given each players a chance. But my worry is this summer window is the wrong players will leave. Hernandez, Kagawa and Nani could be off while we see the likes of Valencia, Young and Cleverley stay despite being worst players but getting twice the game time as the former.

    Top four is gone, Liverpool look pretty good and even Spurs are gaining some momentum I think they'll battle it out for 4th. Or Maybe we can fluke the CL :P imagine that with Liverpool in 4th lol

    He needs to experiment for his own sake. If he shows signs of implementing an attractive style of football fans would be a lot less worried about the situation but whether his capable of such changes remains to be seen.

    Woodward has said he expects us to be busy this summer with possibly 5-6 players coming in so I'd rather just skip the rest of the season hahaha....

  • Abz posted 1444 days ago


    So, Vidic is gone. Great player and hats off to him for the 8 years he's been here. He won 15 trophies with us, and was player of the season twice, what a legend. But tbh we can't keep relying on these players and so it's good that he's leaving because he's past his best now.

    I wish him all the best, looks like he's going to Inter according to the bookies. Interesting choice.

    We have some good CB's in Jones, Evans, Smalling and Keane but I feel we need at least one world class CB with a lot of experience to replace Rio and Vidic otherwise we'll be even worse off because without the leader at the back the younger players won't develop as much. I feel we should go for someone big name like Subotic, and someone in the PL like Lovren? Not sure but at least one player needs to arrive, potentially two if the one isn't as big name as I want.

    What'd you think?

  • Nathan F posted 1446 days ago

    Nathan F

    It will take a miracle but we keep dropping points and I can't see Liverpool bottling it, the best we can hope for is 5th but at this rate we won't finish above Everton or Spurs :/

    Moyes just isn't capable of playing good football his not a modern manager nor is he a person who likes to tinker with formations/tactics, we've played crap football all season and it hasn't changed at all which is why I can't see Moyes being a success.

    This may sound harsh but everyone says "give Moyes time" but time for what? His been here 7 months and hasn't shown any sign that his capable of managing a big club let alone United. My worry is he doesn't seem to have a future vision. We've seen new managers all over Europe such as Pep, Martinez, Rodgers, Mourinho, Ancelotti, Pellegrini and with in a matter of months they have stamped there philosophy on those squads. What's Moyes' philosophy? Does he have one?? We rank 20th in the league in chances created threw the middle, how is that not disturbing.
    We could sign Vidal, Kroos, Reus but our game plan will stay the same which is get it wide and whip in crosses.

    He always has an excuse but the fact he thinks we played well against Stoke increases my doubts that his out of his depth.

  • Jihoon Nam posted 1446 days ago

    Jihoon Nam

    Hmm to be honest I'm not sure if Powell can excel in the CM role, he looks like a very attack-minded guy.

    Yeah I really hope Fellaini can at least replicate his Everton form :(

    Honestly I don't know that much about Michael Keane. I did see a few games before and he looks pretty composed and confident with the ball and he's strong in the air. What do you think of him?

  • Nathan F posted 1448 days ago

    Nathan F

    His incredibly composed. Despite being surrounded by players he managers to keep the ball. If only the rest of our team could do that :/

    I actually think Mata should be used in the no.10 role it will benefit us in the long run, despite being our best player this season I think Rooney's a culprit to our obsession with going wide all the time.

    But still Moyes' style of play which is from the 80's doesn't help either, he doesn't have a game plan it's just pass wide and whip in a aimless cross I can't remember the last time we've made a well constructed passing move resulting in a goal. He should be doing better with the players he has.

    I think top four is out of reach, we still have to away trips to Arsenal, Southamton and Everton and we have the visit of Liverpool and City. Our record against teams in the top 10 is abysmal so it's hard to be optimistic.