Conor Swain

Conor Swain


Hey. I'm Conor. I hail from Southampton, England, but I have been living in Northern Ireland since 1997. I am on this website because I'm not afraid to share my opinions, even if they differ greatly from others, and I hope that others respect these opinions as I would respect theirs.

My biggest passion would be motorsport. Not just Formula One, but junior series like GP2, and I like to think I can let people know about young drivers who are maing their way up the motorsport ladder.

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  • Jenny Spiers posted 2517 days ago

    Jenny Spiers

    would you like me to shit on you and tie you up with scarves. theres literally nothing we wouldnt do together ;)

  • Conor Swain posted 2643 days ago

    Conor Swain

    a "moderator" whos joined the same month as all these other "users"...

    try harder guys. its not working.

  • Conor Swain posted 2648 days ago

    Conor Swain


  • John Africka posted 2649 days ago

    John Africka

    Funny how he enjoys motor sport, but can't park his own car.

    Thank fuck for that. No more retarded posts. Must have created that rule especially for you.

  • Conor Swain posted 2649 days ago

    Conor Swain

    zzzzzzz....wake me up when something interesting happens

  • Conor Swain posted 2653 days ago

    Conor Swain

    have the "bad people" gone away? thought so, the idiots...

  • Fr Jeremiah McGrath posted 2663 days ago

    Fr Jeremiah McGrath

    sorry i didnt mean to put a "B" infront of my "J" my finger just slipped . Oh im feel soo silly. Im a sillyboy, im so embaressed. Anyways ttyl. Kepp posting Im ALWays watching you.

    bye bye hugs and kisses XXOO

    Father J McGrath

  • Fr Jeremiah McGrath posted 2663 days ago

    Fr Jeremiah McGrath

    hi conor :-),

    i really like your posts, they've been really helpful for me trying to understand the sport. Id really like to show you some of my reports that im thinking of posting. would you send me ur e-mail. And we could go over it. It'd be a great help .

    Talk to you soon, dont take too long now.

    bye bye , hugs and kisses, xxoo

    Father BJ McGrath

  • Swain is a Twat face posted 2664 days ago

    Swain is a Twat face


  • Johnathan William Nevin posted 2664 days ago

    Johnathan William Nevin