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  • Raymond Young posted 1616 days ago

    Raymond Young

    What! No fans? ----->

  • Raymond Young posted 1616 days ago

    Raymond Young

    Are you kidding me? Only cowards hit women. Falcao barely touched her. I saw the video, but you gotta call me a loser? You're a punk, bitch. A fuckin' sissy fag. So, you think I give a shit that you are all of that? Be who you want to be, but when you start with coming at me sideways, you are a sniveling bitch punk ass sissy who better never hit the jails. Your ass would be reamed along with all the dicks in your fuckin mouth. How dare you call me a loser. And accuse me of hitting women? Boy, you have no clue. Of all these readers, I'm the one man who does not hit females. Never have and brought up that way. Only a coward hits girls. Cowards!! I ain't no coward, buddy.Loser? uhhh, maybe a little. lol

    Seriously, though. No, I am no woman hitter. I really did grow up believing only a coward would hit a woman. That measly thing Falcao did Come on, that wasn't shit. It did not hurt/injure her.

    As for the names, I'm just fucking around. Bro, I am not into name calling online. That is just as bad. Only a sissy immature punk starts with the name calling. Don't be that guy, ok? Keep it civil. How would you like some punk online, because he knows you can't touch him, how would you like some punk trash talking you online? Do you really think it's appropriate?

    Actually, you can say anything you want to me, as long as you're online, because as my Grandma used to tell us kids: "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will NEVER hurt me." I grew up to that as well. Trash talking me doesn't get my goat. Because IMO, only punks do that online. Like I stated, don't be that guy, ok?

    You think it was cool for a half dozen punks to attack two guys? With deadly weapons? Punks who jumped because some punk BITCH started it. She did not have to speak to him, while in the store. She could have ignored him. Even if he does have a bad mouth, do you say he deserved it? Really? Man that shit was uncalled for and if not for that BITCH going out making shit up how some guy hit her... Hit her? Attacked her? That was uncalled for. Telling her homies some guy attacked her, hit her in the face? Did he hurt her or what?

    BTW: What's FOH? I'm trying to keep up with the younger Generation's terms. lol