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  • Abz posted 1094 days ago


    Brian Ruiz

  • David Teo posted 1287 days ago

    David Teo


  • AJ lee posted 1363 days ago

    AJ lee

    hey nice profile pic

  • ....... posted 1363 days ago


    and thanks

  • ....... posted 1363 days ago


    no problem

  • ....... posted 1364 days ago


    Nice pic

  • Aliii Shir posted 1364 days ago

    Aliii Shir

    ok my mistake for overreacting. My passion took the best of me. I'm deleting my offensive comment, I'd appreciate it if you do it too.

  • Sandeep Sreekumar posted 1365 days ago

    Sandeep Sreekumar

    hope you have seen sonny singh's board :)

  • Aliii Shir posted 1365 days ago

    Aliii Shir

    you know what you've done. You get on other team's articles and leave nasty comments and troll for no good reason. How would you feel if someone exactly like yourself did the same thing on each and every single Man U's articles. It gets pretty annoying, wouldn't it?

  • Aliii Shir posted 1366 days ago

    Aliii Shir

    you're a douche and a phony piece of shit. I hope man U stays in the bottom spot of the league as they are right now. Fu*kin loser