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  • Sir Manny 2.0 posted 1226 days ago

    Sir Manny 2.0

    Even though it's pre-season we're looking scarily good atm, what makes it better is that we seem to be improving every single game. The addition of 1 really good CM *cough* Vidal *cough* and a decent CB and maybe a wing-back makes us a really scary prospect.

  • Abz posted 1241 days ago


    Hey, any news from your mate?

  • K L posted 1257 days ago

    K L

    Doesn't matter to me as long as we get CL football.

  • mazoomy posted 1257 days ago


    Yeah this WC is quite possibly the best ever. It's been thoroughly entertaining at all stages so far, even the Round-of-16 games that ended 0-0 in 90 minutes. The Dutch look good, but personally I'm feeling like France will win it. There's a spark about them that I think can take them all the way.

    Agreed on Brazil, I hope Colombia knocks them out. Argentina look average even with Messi, and with the way Belgium just played I don't think they'll progress against them. They really only have 1 weapon in Messi, and the rest of the team is playing average.

    While I'm not a big fan of Pogba's, I don't really hate him. It was 100% SAF's fault that he left in the first place. How could a player of his quality and potential be left on the bench when we desperately needed CM players? That will probably go down as one of SAF's worst mistakes throughout his career.

    I never really looked into it, but I saw some headlines. If that's really true about James, then wow we were stupid :(

    As for your question, I'd rather go with the first option. It's exciting to think about all the players we can sign, and I'd love so many of them, but at the end of the day the boys in the academy are United through and through. They've been here, they've moved up the ranks, and they deserve a shot in the first team ahead of an imported (not talking foreign players exclusively, just anyone imported into the club, like Shaw for example) player. What message does it send to them that when we have a manager who is praised for bringing through youth, we spend 200m on other players?

    I think that for the integrity and long term health of the club it would be much more beneficial to return to our roots and go with the academy boys. What's your take on the matter?

  • Jihoon Nam posted 1258 days ago

    Jihoon Nam

    Obviously the second, but I don't think there is a need for us to spend so much, I think probably two or three more players would be enough as the others develop :D

    I hope (among the players we are linked with), we dont get Carvalho....37M for an unproven (at least at the top level)midfielder when we can spend 37M on others...

  • Trey Tak posted 1258 days ago

    Trey Tak

    lol going to be a little cheeky and say how about somewhere in the middle? I would love Van Gaal to dip into the academy and make star players out of them (Lingard, Powell, Keane, etc.), but I would hope we buy more than just Herrera and Shaw.

    How about finishing 2nd or 3rd, promoting 3-4 players from the academy, and buying at LEAST 3 more players? I think that would be a good start from Van Gaal. Top 4 is our priority!

  • Abz posted 1258 days ago



    Also, I don't think we'd finish 4th with just Herrera, Shaw and academy players.


  • Abz posted 1258 days ago


    Haha yeah so true.

    No problem, I was searching for one myself.

    I agree, Mangala is like 4th choice CB for France. Yeah he's young but then so is Varane. 40M is a joke of a fee for someone so unproven. Hope we get a big CB too but who's available man? Hummels? It's tough.
    My wish is Jan Vertonghen. We'd have to pay a lot but it'll surely be worth it?

  • K L posted 1258 days ago

    K L

    Gotcha, thanks. Personally I wouldn't want Vermaelen though, too old and has no form. Experience isn't enough for us to pay 10m+ for.

  • mazoomy posted 1258 days ago


    Awesome news! Thanks once again. Can't wait to see all the players we get.

    What do you think of the WC so far? Who's impressed you the most/least? Who do you think will win it?

    The two standout teams for me so far have been France and Colombia. Germany and Netherlands started strong but have faded a bit, and Argentina and Brazil haven't looked convincing as a unit. Belgium is also playing below the level I expected of them.

    In the end I'm predicting (more like a gut feeling) that France will win it all over Netherlands in the final. If anyone but France makes the final then I think the Dutch will take it.