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  • Dwight Coward posted 1596 days ago

    Dwight Coward

    you fool its KOBE BRYANT. not COBY. Like its not DWIGHT HOWARD. Its DWIGHT COWARD

  • F.A. posted 1596 days ago


    wait... who the hell is this Coby i keep hearing of? is he any good? Like as good as Kobe Bryant is?

  • A Ahmed posted 1598 days ago

    A Ahmed

    Lol at people taking you seriously.......

  • Long gone posted 1599 days ago

    Long gone

    Ok yikes. Anyway, what do you think about the signing of Millsap?

  • Calvin 's 2nd Account posted 1599 days ago

    Calvin 's 2nd Account

    coby bryant > lebaby james

  • Calvin Rice posted 1599 days ago

    Calvin Rice

    I should try that sometime. Most of the time you can't even tell if they really are just stupid lakers fans or trolls. Have you really had 10 different accounts?

  • The Cowardula posted 1599 days ago

    The Cowardula

    Ur a f*cking idiot bro, 1st of all u can't even spell Kobe right, smh, and he might be one of the greatest ever, but MJ is still head and shoulders above him...

  • Kyle W posted 1599 days ago

    Kyle W

    Oh, ok then

  • Kyle W posted 1599 days ago

    Kyle W

    Oh, ok. Nice for you 2 be back, lol. B/R can be glitchy sometimes.

  • Samir posted 1599 days ago


    But why is it that Georgia is mroe loved than Georgia Tech? Georgia Tech seems to produce more NBA players, although I don't know about other sports