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  • Gynocologist posted 1111 days ago



  • Long gone posted 1386 days ago

    Long gone

    Man this was a great account.

  • Long gone posted 1416 days ago

    Long gone

    Goran Dragic or Isaiah Thomas?
    Ricky Rubio or Gary Neal?
    Marcin Gortat or Omer Asik?

  • Indians Fan posted 1501 days ago

    Indians Fan


  • The Goat returns posted 1598 days ago

    The Goat returns

    cowardi have bannned you for trolling.

  • Stephanie Greer posted 1605 days ago

    Stephanie Greer

    'you got to get a life stop hating on the lakers'

    It isn't hating when it is speaking the truth. And to tell me to stop hating when you're named Dwight Coward shows you're one hell of a fool

  • Small Fundamental posted 1616 days ago

    Small Fundamental

    You might have seen this:


  • Taylor Swift posted 1619 days ago

    Taylor Swift

    You should talk....if you think I'm trolling, you have no idea what a troll is

  • Enzo Glitched Profile posted 1621 days ago

    Enzo Glitched Profile

    lol no. if I was, then I would have the Thunder as my fav team :p

  • Small Fundamental posted 1621 days ago

    Small Fundamental

    That girl told D12 that he won't get a ring. D12 replied saying, with that face, she won't get a ring either.

    I don't think he was talking about himself, he was talking about that girl.....

    Are you a Magic fan or Lakers fan?