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  • Luke ManUtd posted 1196 days ago

    Luke ManUtd

    Good idea, mate, so here's my answer to it if you haven't seen it:

    Wow, so I assume from your comment that you never saw Kagawa play except at United or the World Cup. First of all, winger at United under Moyes isn't the same as "winger" in Japan. I've watched Japan at the Confed Cup and Asian cup 2011, and trust me their system is much more Dortmund like than United like. Much more fluidity, interchanging of positions, with freedom to roam etc. United played a conventional 4-4-2, where Kagawa had to play conventional winger. He was hardly given any freedom, and I don't have to mention that there was no fluidity whatsoever at United. Were you delusional enough to think that would work? So he was just as out of position as Jones and Smalling.
    Secondly, if Kagawa wasn't world-class at Dortmund, what was he? 21 goals in 49 games, 15 to 20 assists, twice in the Bundesliga eleven of the season and once in the European eleven of the year alongside Pirlo, Xavi, Messi, Ronaldo etc. Mata's never been there btw. Just saying. Dortmund was considerably better when he played than when he was injured. If that's not world-class, bud, what is?? Please tell me, mate, please do.
    You didn't get the point I was making. Kagawa was Dortmund's best player at the time he left. Now they depend on the players I named. I wouldn't want to sell players I depend on to a club where there's a chance that they might not even use them. Why sell them when they won't play anyway?

    As for Chicharito and Welbeck, I don't think you can judge them for one horrendous game, especially when Welbeck was probably the one who fought most. Also, their great squad players, who might not do it against top opponents (wasn't Welbeck constantly used against great opponents and wasn't he always very dangerous? He's only twenty-three, he'd have learnt a lot!) but against smaller teams.

    You didn't get my next point either. I'd prefer to win the league as long as the club remains healthy. Sir Alex Ferguson bought RVP, which destroyed the club's balance. He could somehow deal with it and United won the league but needed serious rebuilding. Look where we ended up next season. I'd rather have seen Ferguson accommodate Kagawa properly, bring in a CM and CB next season, and I can assure you we might have competed for the title last season or this season. What do you prefer? The long-term way or being in the mess we're now? Don't forget that SAF said that Kagawa would have a great second season (if used properly), so he did have a lot of faith in him, unlike Moyes, Giggs and van Gaal.

    In a 3-5-2, it's thinkable to use Januzaj or di MarĂ­a in the Robben role isn't it? It would certainly work better than Rooney/RVP at the same time because they'd add pace.

    In my comments, I usually talk about the last 10 years when I mention the board. In the last ten years, the club would have had to make adjustments much, much earlier. Even I saw United's midfield and defence problems coming in 2009 (I knew that Evra, Vida and Rio would leave within two transfer windows and that they had to be replaced slowly but surely but that didn't happen...). You didn't have to be a prophet for that, did you, mate?

    I agree that Strootman would certainly like to come in but Roma won't just let him go. They'll want a lot of money, I'm afraid. But I pray we can get him. He'll sort it out.
    As for CBs, no I didn't expect Hummels to want to join us. As implied in a bit above, adjustments would have had to be done earlier. Selling Vida was United's greatest mistake in the last year anyway. Even greater than signing Mata or keeping Rooney.

    I have to agree. The transfer window was a good start. But a lot more has to come if you want immediate success. I'd have preferred to do something more long-term with more academy players, the United way and tradition. But van Gaal MUST reach the CL to keep his job so I can understand everything he does. And he's doing well. I have a lot of faith in him. He'll bring us back to the top. (With too much short-term policy though.)

  • Jan Mincev posted 1202 days ago

    Jan Mincev

    Thank you mate, it's means a lot when a rival fan acknowledges me as a supporter. Cause of that you have gotten yourself a rival fan also :)

  • Rio Ferdinand posted 1446 days ago

    Rio Ferdinand

    i deserved a new Manchester United contract and i can keep going just like Giggs and Scholes. david moyes is a clueless Scottish trash.