Hello, friends. Well you already know my name, and I've covered the NBA here since October 2012. I graduated from the University at Albany in 2015, and I'm also a social media and trending content fellow at AOL Sports.

I'm in a complicated love affair with the Mets, Knicks, Islanders and NY Giants. When life brings tough decisions, I like to ask myself, "What would J.R. Smith do?" Typically this just means to foul the jumpshooter.

I'm a fan of human interaction, so go ahead and follow me on Twitter at @JSDorn6
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Hope you all enjoy the ride, and remember: WWJRD?

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  • Pavlos Georgiou posted 1159 days ago

    Pavlos Georgiou

    hey John- big fan of urs

    do u remember me? If you are thinking about writing an article about the Knicks Evolution then let this be your video reference that covers everything:
    Would love it if there can be an article for this Video (theres nothing out there like it)

  • Jake Sarachek posted 1376 days ago

    Jake Sarachek

    hey if you could please endorse my petition i would really appreciate it. All it requires is you signing it you can fill out a fake name and email and it will still count as signing it for you. I really like your blog and worked really hard on this petition to really try and capture the mindset of the knicks fanbase as a whole so if you could please just shoot this around to everyone you know i'd really appreciate it.


  • jack back posted 1464 days ago

    jack back

    Bobby Valentine? don't know much about him other than the mask incident….Tiger? Really?? Tiger? My son is 14, what do I tell him about Tiger? I like JR Smith as does my son and he serves me well when stressing decision making. Most of what is read about athletes is "inaccurate" or "incomplete" to give them the benefit of the doubt. But JR repeatedly puts himself in vulnerable situations that literally cost him millions of dollars. He is a great player that makes some very poor decisions. Some media members have become trained to follow him similar to a dog following a toddler with food. Just a matter of time until something drops. Of course I could be wrong but I kind of like JR and feel bad for his own foolish decisions. JR was making money to play basketball primarily. Tiger had PR people brand him as squeaky clean symbol of excellence. He got paid as much maybe more for his "branding" as he did for golf. And the choices he made and the fashion he crashed and burned….were not spur of the moment poor decisions late at night in a club etc…Ugh….Keep writing, I particularly liked your article breaking down the knicks success with ball movement last year, two point guards etc...

  • Luke Willson posted 1608 days ago

    Luke  Willson

    Lol, "what would JR Smith do?" Thats my new Twitter bio!

  • carrie Dansky posted 1874 days ago

    carrie Dansky

    Hi John, this is Jenna's communication Skills Class. We had fun today exploring your articles. WE are reading all about the World Series. We can't wait to read your articles on this years World Series. Thank you....

  • Ron Kalb posted 1943 days ago

    Ron Kalb

    Great Work on your NY Mets Article John!!

  • erik cozangi posted 1963 days ago

    erik cozangi

    love your'e articles. you should be a featured columnist on this site. some of the writers are abominable. I appreciate a writer who understands the sport and knows what he is talking about in his articles. keep em coming.

  • Ash Marshall posted 2832 days ago

    Ash Marshall

    Hey Jack,

    I've just put together a slideshow of the top five moments from the Mets' 1986 season.

    If you get time, I'd love to hear what you think. It's a great trip down memory lane.