Allie Jacobs

Allie Jacobs


Hello everyone, I'm Allie. I'm 18 years old and I live in Orlando , Florida. I'm originally from Philadelphia born and raised. I love Philly, you can take the girl out the city but you can't take the city out the girl. I miss it with all my heart. I love the Philadelphia Eagles,Phillies,Flyers,and Sixers. If you cut me open I would probably really bleed green. I grew up a sports fan since I'm the only girl amongst 4 older brothers and a father, they taught me everything about sports.

I hate the rep that Philadelphia sports fans are given, It's ruthless. I lived in philly for mostly all my life and witnessed the passion that the fans here bring. So If you're going to tell me that were the worst fans in the game, be prepared to back up your statement with something else other then booing Santa Clause or cheering on the Michal Irvin injury. In my opinion of course, Philadelphia Sports fans are the best in the world, not many fans can take what we've been through with the Eagles.

I love a friendly debate though, so go for it. I'm the blonde by the way, a huge Mcnabb supporter through thick and thin!

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