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  • Dan Silvester posted 1575 days ago

    Dan Silvester

    Hi Wendy. Just commenting on your reply to the "Danny Shearer" post in regard to predictions for the 2013 Buckeyes. I hadn't seen your reply before now. I found it to be very articulate and offered a careful and insightful analysis of the upcoming football season -- not seen enough on these boards.


    With regard to the SEC -- that conference has been oversigning on scholarships for years and getting away with it. That confers a huge advantage over all other teams and conferences yet we have curiously seen the NCAA looking the other way on this matter. The SEC also does not exclude players who do not perform well academically. That's another potential advantage as academics don't always correlate well with athletic performance. Furthermore, disciplinary practices in the SEC have continued to raise a lot of eyebrows around the country. Fortunately Coach Meyer has taken the high road on this. Finally Mark Emmert, the current CEO of the NCAA, is the former chancellor of LSU. That there have been few investigations of the SEC by the NCAA should come as no surprise and this is a bona fide indictment of the credibility and integrity of that regulatory body.

    I will make no predictions as they tend to come back and bite me in the butt. lol

    Love the Ducks btw -- and hope they do well.

    Regarding polls, I think we have seen the flaws within the current system for years. That system -- mercifully -- is coming to an end. Just something to look at: I think it's fair to say that ESPN's perception of Ohio State (and the SEC) has been skewed (pejoratively for OSU) to not only affect journalistic integrity and recruiting evaluations, but also voting on polls. Does ESPN's sponsoring of an SEC Bowl raise any red flags? Just look at their compromised objectivity in regard to possible concussive injuries and the prevalence of CTE in "deceased" NFL players. That said, the incidence of CTE probably does require considerably more investigation in light of the fact that "most" players do not demonstrate such symptoms -- or at least most don't report them (but then an accurate diagnosis is only made following an autopsy). Rather, let's facilitate an open, honest and reasoned interpretation of the facts -- whatever they may be.

    I think this is a glaring expose of ESPN's values, practices and goals. The last thing you want to do is try to cover something up -- much like the cigarette companies did regarding research on cigarette smoking and the incidence of cancer. If nothing else this should spur innovations in helmet technology, some of which have already taken place (albeit at an increased cost). Improved tackling techniques as well as "biological/psychological profiling" to screen for vulnerabilities also play major roles. I'm not sold yet on manipulating the rules re: targeting. Just my present opinion.

    Anyway hoping for a 14-0 season -- but willing to acknowledge that anything is possible.

    My very best wishes to you and please keep up the great posts.

  • Steven Robinson posted 1580 days ago

    Steven Robinson

    I see your comments now.