Cody Brown

Cody Brown


Im only in Middle School but I have played many sports annd enjoy watching many sports but the only sport that I enjoy playing is football I go to school at Reeds Spring, Mo and we have thy best Football program in the state of missouri, our High School sucks but when are Middle school is a senior in 4 years we will be all state. I have played since 3rd grade every year that I have played we went to a champion ship in 6th grade my team went 6-0 and only had 2 touchdowns scored on us in 7th grade we went 5-0 but the coaching staff sucked they didnt work us hardenogh and the game stadegy sucked, I am a big boy im 6foot tall and near 300 pounds and can bench 150 and am only in 7th grade thats why i am the best 7th grade lineman in the state of misouri!

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  • Cody Brown posted 2865 days ago

    Cody Brown

    been playing UFC Undisputed its pretty cool

  • Robert Gardner posted 2867 days ago

    Robert Gardner

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