Raider Liz

Raider Liz


Being born and raised in LA I naturally became a fan of the Dodgers and Raiders. Although I do not follow basketball as closely as I do baseball and FOOTBALL, I do support the Lakers and went to my first game last season as well as the parade at the Coliseum.

I ♥ LA! Love Dodger games especially at night... my kids love going to them and its probably going to be one of the best memories they have as they get older. Sure hope they take their kids someday...

Life doesnt start til football season begins! I read that somewhere. LOL Its all about Raider football and just because I am a girl, it doesnt make me any less loyal than a man would be. So, please respect that and know that I can hold my own in a conversation ... and know that I didnt choose the team cause boyfriend told me to or cause I like the colors.. there is a lot more to me than meets the eye ;-)
just because our team is going throug a slump I am not going to stop representing or rooting for them...


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  • Autumn Wind posted 2693 days ago

    Autumn Wind

    Team looking strong this season.


  • J.C. Ayvazi posted 2726 days ago

    J.C. Ayvazi

    Had to crawl out of my cave to weigh in on the Dodgers trade deadline deals - hope you find it worthy of your time.

  • Autumn Wind posted 2827 days ago

    Autumn Wind

    Great Draft!! I am excited :D

    on russell -
    He is going to be traded or will have to take a pay cut or he will be released. BYE BYE!!! JABUSTUS

  • J.C. Ayvazi posted 2840 days ago

    J.C. Ayvazi

    One week into the baseball season and our Boys in Blue drag it back home black & blue - here's some visual evidence:

  • John Doublin posted 2841 days ago

    John Doublin

    I hope you like these articles. And feel free to post your future articles on my bulletin board to get them circulated.

  • JW Nix posted 2860 days ago

    JW Nix

    PLEASE Read this story on a Lions and Rams Legend :

  • J.C. Ayvazi posted 2862 days ago

    J.C. Ayvazi

    Hey Raider Liz -

    Glad to see we have a few teams in common. Look forward to talking Dodger and Raider happenings with you. BTW, any college football preference?