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  • Clogged Artery of the Heartland posted 1041 days ago

    Clogged Artery of the Heartland

    Bad troll is bad.

  • A G 32 posted 1042 days ago

    A G 32

    Does that comment make you a big man? Munch on these facts: Cleveland just beat out Dallas for the 2016 GOP Convention due to very cool downtown, top chef dining, outstanding entertainment district (The theater district is second largest in USA after NYC), top (#1 per independent experts) ranked Cleveland Orchestra, top five ranked Cleveland Museum of Art, world class Rock Hall Museum, and then their is the Cleveland Browns with EIGHT (8) Championships. If this is not clear - I will private jet to you and discuss face to face. So update your dated facts Munch, be cool, not mean-spirited to boost your own ego.