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  • James Williamson posted 2709 days ago

    James Williamson

    This is more than basketball, this is about sports in general. I politely ask for your attention here for a few minutes.

  • Stephen Sabo posted 2786 days ago

    Stephen Sabo


    I tried to reply to your original post on my profile but couldn't get it to work (probably did something wrong). Great post. I do not dipute your details in the least bit. It is clearly well thought out and devoid of insults (unlike some of the other responses I've received on the actual page). Anway here we go:

    You clearly researched the details and make a compelling arguement. I feel it is irrelevent, however, because I never accused Ben of being a rapist or took sides with the female. The bulk of my comments had to do with the unwarranted injection of "racism" in Mr Goodell's decision to suspend Mr. Roethlisberger by the author of the post. Additionally, I feel that Ben is a classic example of an entitled athlete who makes bad choices. Based on the global context of multiple sexual assult/rape accusations, motorcycle accidents, and locker room fodder, he has acted in a manner that can clearly be interpreted as counterproductive to his career and detrimental to his fandbase. He may not be guilty in a court of law but to me he is guilty in the court of public opinion. Ben has the right to act the way he sees fit...I have the right to root for the Steelers as I see fit...i.e. with another players jersey.

    Please understand, I was expressing my opinion on racism (or lack thereof) in this case and my personal belief that, in my own home, my family chooses to celebrate athletes who show high moral character. You have every right to feel that what an athlete does off the field is their personal business or that no crime was committed...or even that the punishment was too harsh under the circumstances. I would not argue that point and would accept that as your personal view...I'd ask, in turn, that you respect my views. I think my stance is strong and morally defensible.

    Furthermore, I feel that as a military officer, I have looked at all aspects of the situation (perhaps not as deeply as you in terms of the legalities) and made a sound decision. If Ben was one of my Sailors I would have more than enough evidence to know that he needs guidance and would try and refer him to the right places to seek the proper resources. Since he is not one of my Sailors, my only recourse is to simply not glorify his behavior by placing his jersey on the back of my infant daughter. If you feel that specific action is all means, let's argue the point with civility. Take care and God Bless.


  • N R posted 2795 days ago

    N R

    Boom Boom Pow!

  • Stacey Mickles posted 2795 days ago

    Stacey Mickles

    Steve it doesn't change the fact that this dude has been accused of the same sexual act THREE times in a year. This dude excuse my language, is fucking scum bag. Now you want to make a excuses for him, go right head but it doesn't change the fact that he has problem with women and needs help or he will go to jail and the police department won't be able to save his ass the next time.

  • Stacey Mickles posted 2796 days ago

    Stacey Mickles

    Steve if this was my family member and they had the proof, I say take them to jail. Doesn't mean I stop loving them.