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  • Drew Gatewood posted 2483 days ago

    Drew Gatewood

    Here's another one for you Conor.

  • James Ambler posted 2486 days ago

    James Ambler

    Thanks Conor. The Phils have a top minor league outfielding prospect that could take werth's place if he leaves. But he's left-handed and I dont think they can add another lefty to the lineup. Honestly I think 15-20 mil per season is too much for werth. as good as he is.

  • Lance Pauker posted 2489 days ago

    Lance Pauker

    Thanks for the feedback, man

  • Denton Ramsey posted 2492 days ago

    Denton Ramsey

    Thanks for the feedback and edits on my recent Houston Astros Slideshow; always appreciated...

  • Ed Leiser posted 2494 days ago

    Ed Leiser

    thanks for the edit, Conor.

  • Scott Wilson posted 2497 days ago

    Scott Wilson

    Awesome Edit Conor, thanks for the title adjustment, it really works much better that way!

    Much appreciated.

  • Mike D posted 2502 days ago

    Mike D

    C - appreciate the edit...also the kind words

    Take Care,

  • Robin S posted 2502 days ago

    Robin S

    Your advice was helpful. Thanks a lot for the edits and finding time to point out all the nuances. Appreciate it.

  • Sterling Spiars posted 2504 days ago

    Sterling Spiars

    Hey Conor, thanks for the edits and advice... as to your question, yes, I do think Shields will wind up with the UFC very soon. He's very vocal about a step up in competition and he'll get it with the UFC.

  • Andrew Ewing posted 2511 days ago

    Andrew Ewing

    Thanks for the edits and feedback, Conor. Much appreciated.