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  • Abz posted 1325 days ago


    In my opinion, Kroos at CM will offer nothing Rooney can't do. Both distribute the ball to perfection, both have a wicked shot on them (Rooney's is obviously better), both have great stamina, however, Kroos' link up play is a tad better. Defensively, they're the same in my opinion, both tackle well and track back/press effectively.
    If I was manager I'd play him there, and put RVP up front on his own, because we know he's a beast when he's on form and has the space to do so.

    Hope Rafa stays fit and improves his composure in general. But yeah, Jones is great a stopping people, such as Ribery recently. Also, he's not that bad going forward, he got the assist for Mata's first goal, with a decent cross. The fact that he crosses better than Valencia shows he's decent haha.

    Benatia/Hummels anyone who's proven and is a leader. We can't lose Rio, Vidic, Evra and potentially Giggs and not replace them with any leaders. I'm sure people like Evans will step up but it's still going to be hard. I wish we buy a solid defender this summer, Garay is not that in my opinion.

    True about Valencia, but the he drives the team forward so well. Ahhh if only he improved his crosses, he'd be a solid 8/10 player. Bit like Willian. That's the only thing differentiating them in my opinion - end product.

    Everyone dropped stupid points though, it's just how it goes. We better make top 4. With someone like LVG and a 100+ million to spend, as well as players like RVP, Mata, and Rooney it would be a disgrace to miss out on the top 4.

    I think the competition will be stiff though. Liverpool will invest, and their defence might not be a shite anymore. They'll struggle with their depth because of European games, but if SSS continue ripping teams apart they'll be strong contenders.

    Arsenal in my opinion will miss out, and Wenger will finally resign. They have a good team but they won't buy a world class striker which they need and they'll just be fighting like this season again.

    Mourinho always wins the league in the second year of his stay and I can't see them not winning it, he's just going to go and buy someone like Falcao and improve his form vs lesser teams and in my opinion will walk away with the league.

    Man City will have the Champions hangover, and won't have the best season in my opinion. Can see them underspending for the first time and being over confident.

    If I was a betting man, I'd put money on:

    1) Chelsea
    2) Man United
    3) Man City
    4) Liverpool
    5) Arsenal
    6) Spurs
    7) Newcastle (hopefully with Moyes!)
    8) Everton

    What'd you think?

  • Abz posted 1327 days ago


    This is my guess:

    ----------------------------------De Gea----------------------------

    We've been linked with Hummels recently, hopefully it's true! It really would be amazing.
    Garay is just so slow and overrated in my opinion.

    Winning the PL would be great, of course, but as long we challenge for the title - bit like Arsenal did this season and finish in the top 4 (above Liverpool!), I'll be satisfied.

  • Abz posted 1327 days ago


    A few questions about your line-up. Just questions, I don't necessarily disagree with any of your team.

    Coentrao over Shaw? How come? You think his experience will be a key factor?

    I like Rafael, but he's been rash this season, I wonder if LVG will pick him.

    Jones has been poor at CB recently, I'm starting to question whether we should rely on him so much. I'd start Evans over him next season. Heck, even Smalling looks better currently.

    Strootman is still injured, so he might miss pre-season, I wonder if LVG actually has him in mind.

    Fabregas so deep? Not sure what him, Mata, and Nani will offer defensively, and I think we need a more well rounded player. A Matic type player.

    Also, do you believe the rumours of signing William Carvalho? Apparently the deal is basically done, but that was under Moyes. We'll see what LVG will have to say about it.

    Nani? No chance mate. He's past it, let's just cash in whilst we can. I don't think I can rely on him to score vs Cardiff let alone against bigger PL teams. I quite like Valencia, he offers a lot to the team. But we should try and get someone on the left, someone like Griezmann would be great.

    Rooney out wide? Hmmmm. Not too sure about that. He hasn't got the pace to beat quick fullbacks.

    So, who'd you think will be captain if LVG is manager?

  • Abz posted 1329 days ago



  • mazoomy posted 1331 days ago


    If you had something significant to say, you would have said it. No need to "enlighten" you anymore :)

  • Abz posted 1333 days ago


    Just because you've been to Old Trafford doesn't make you more of a fan, in my opinion a fan supports a club regardless of their situation, and cheers them on through thick and thin. That doesn't mean, stop going to matches because you have an issue with the manager, which you are doing currently. Based on my evaluation of a fan, Mazoomy is much more of a fan that you are, and geographical location, doesn't change that one bit. I'm sure if he was in this country, he'd be going to games too, and you are absolutely ridiculous to bring that up.

    To quote Mazoomy below, "Manchester United is a family" and you're going around attacking members who are just like you (Manchester United fans), in a feeble attempt to vent your frustrations out on Moyes, and the club's current demise.

  • mazoomy posted 1334 days ago


    Man, thanks for clearing that up, it makes so much sense now.

    Because you don't like the manager you refuse to be in the stands supporting the team of players representing your "eternal" club. If it were up to you, players would be allowed to feel like fans are abandoning them so that the board can feel your frustration.

    Here's a newsflash champ, the board doesn't care what you do. You are not hurting the board because the demand for tickets is much greater than the supply. You not buying a ticket just means that somebody else will. You are beyond naive if you feel that you are showing the board anything by not attending games live. Or perhaps you would rather have all match-going fans follow your example and mutiny the club? Is that what you want for your club? Will it make you happy to show the club that you are only willing to show your support when the times are good?

    David Moyes may not be the right manager for us, but it would be good for fans like you to remember that he is part of the club. If you support Manchester United, you support David Moyes because for the remainder of his tenure at the club, he is synonymous with Manchester United. By refusing to support David Moyes in the face of opponents (such as on match days) you are also refusing to support the club. You can't support one and not the other in that sense.

    If you want David Moyes out, that's completely fine. I also want him out. But, the moment you allow that to sabotage your support for the club you can no longer count yourself a supporter or fan. The statements you've made have provided evidence that attest to the fact that you are a fair-weather fan. You might not be willing to jump ship right now after one bad season, because that would surely tarnish your reputation amongst friends as a football supporter, but give it a few more years of mediocrity and who knows?

    If Manchester United really was your club eternally, that would indicate that you support every iteration of the club regardless of it's face and ability. David Moyes is just as much a part of Manchester United this season as SAF was last season, and if you discriminate between the "versions" of Manchester United, and pick and choose which to support, then you can't say you support THE CLUB eternally. The fact that you are failing to understand that is really a testament to either your poor understanding of the language you've used to describe your relationship with the club, or the two-faced way in which you conduct yourself as a fan.

    And bringing up Old Trafford is just about the most asinine thing you can do. It literally makes you look stupid and pretentious to equate someone's geographical location and financial resources with their ability to support (in the sense of being a fan) their club, and with their knowledge of the sport. You are a lucky individual to be in the vicinity of Old Trafford, and to have the money to attend games live, but you are an idiot for thinking that because I'm a student studying on loans across the ocean I am therefore invalidated as a fan. It is an elitist stance unbefitting a club with the ideals and values ours has. Manchester United is a family, and you apparently lack the understanding of such a concept if you feel fans who are not as lucky as you are lesser fans for it.

  • Abz posted 1334 days ago


    He's not my golden boy. He's the manager of the club I support, hence I support him. Not that difficult to understand.

    If I boo him at OT next week, it won't change a single thing. It'll just discourage our players.

    I don't know what you want me to do.

    You're taking your aggression out on me for some reason. At the end of the day, if it makes you happy keep doing it mate. Release your stress on my board, go ahead.

    I did Maths, Physics, Economics for A-Level. Dropped English Literature. So almost the same subjects as yourself.

  • mazoomy posted 1334 days ago



    If Manchester United is your team eternally, and you refuse to watch them for a long time, then I think you may have a problem somewhere because that, well... it just doesn't make much sense. If MUFC is your eternal team, then it shouldn't matter if the results are good or bad because you have to support your club. You should be cheering them on to get them through the tough times.

    By refusing to watch them while the results are not to your standards you effectively don't support the club but rather the results that the club brings. You refuse to be in the stands and cheer on a losing team. You refuse to attach your name to a club which doesn't compete for top honours every season.

    So as you can see, there seems to a logical disconnect between these 2 statements you published. Perhaps you meant to say, "Manchester United are my eternal club as long as they are the best club in England!". That would really go a long way in bridging the gap between your two contradicting statements, and would give us a clearer indication of the kind of fan you really are.

    In case it hasn't been made as clear to you as I had hoped by now, and you are still slightly confused about the point I am trying to make, let me break it down for you like this: the weather is rainy in Manchester right now, and Sonny Singh refuses to be in town.

    I heard the weather is pretty good in Liverpool though, perhaps a trip west is what you planned for your vacation from Manchester?

  • Abz posted 1339 days ago


    I'll sing his name as long as he manages the club. It's called supporting your manager.

    I don't watch united if they win. I'll go support them as much as I can, every game if it was possible. The fact that you say you won't be going to matches for a while, shows the kind of fan you are. I really shouldn't be responding to you. Luckily I'm doing it on my phone and it doesn't waste my time too much!

    Low IQ? 2 A*'s and an A at A level isn't that bad imo!

    Wow. How old are you? 12?
    Go pick on someone else, preferably someone with more time on their hands!