Alex Slater

Alex Slater


^ Profile pic: me at homecoming, being a dork. xD

Hey all. I'm a born-and-bred Packers fanatic, and my name is Alexandria (but Lexi or Alex are also good too). I'm 15 and been looking around a while, but wanted to make my opinion known on stuff with my fave team. :) Hopefully I don't get beat up too badly. :D Me, my family, my friends and my boyfriend are all Packers fans too, so it's pretty loud at game time. :)

I'm only in high school, so don't expect me to come through with shining moments of glory. But don't expect me to be a hooligan either. :)

Don't know if anybody cares, but I love Pooh Bear, The Beatles, Packers (duh), writing, reading, and poetry among other things....... my fave animal is also a scarlet macaw, but like I said, if anybody cares......

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  • Sean O'Connor posted 2846 days ago

    Sean O'Connor

    Are you a girl?

  • Pat Boots posted 2850 days ago

    Pat Boots

    So as not to embarrass you publicly in the comments beneath the article, 'The NFC North: Who's Going to Come On Top This Year?', I am pointing this out here, instead.
    Whoa is spelled w-h-o-a, not w-o-a-h. :)
    Have a great day, Lexi.