I've been a sports fan since the early 1960's when my dad used to take me to see the Dodgers, Rams, and Lakers.

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  • Luke Walton's Tattoo posted 1058 days ago

    Luke Walton's Tattoo

    Damn Son how old are you? (not to beat around the bush)

  • fanboy posted 1241 days ago


    How old are you sir?

  • Michigan Man posted 1250 days ago

    Michigan Man

    How is the certainty that Lebron is returning working out for you?

  • Long gone posted 1570 days ago

    Long gone


  • Jimmy Jazz posted 1589 days ago

    Jimmy Jazz

    Thank you for the kind words.

    I'm sorry I couldn't get back to you earlier, my account got glitched and I've been very busy lately.

  • Damian posted 1590 days ago


    You seem like a great and smart Lakers fan. Gave you a fan add.

  • King James posted 1592 days ago

    King James

    Lol all cool dawg, even tho I don't really like the Lakers, u seem like someone who knows his bball. So what's up in Lakerland next year in ur honest opinion?

  • King James posted 1632 days ago

    King James

    Damn dawg, how old r u??

  • Jimmy Jazz posted 1651 days ago

    Jimmy Jazz

    Well, you seem educated enough to have a nice conversation with... What do you think the Lakers should do this off-season?

  • Kyle W posted 1702 days ago

    Kyle W

    When I said the Lakers reached elite status. I meant it, you guys are on a winning streak right now, you guys just beat the Spurs last night, and you are in the 8th seed, coming from the bottom of the conference. Don't think that I was joking around, I wasn't. That's why you annoy me, the time I actually did say something nice about LA, you assume I was joking. Wow...