Michael Casenti

Michael Casenti


Tennis: the purest form of art

I try to describe this art via words. Alas, tennis is something that can only be truly described without leaving any miniscule detail behind.

As the tennis community here knows, I'm an unabashed Roger Federer fan. I was 'truly' introduced to the word tennis while sitting on the couch watching TV. It was 2004, and apparently, Federer reached the final and played Lleyton Hewitt. The match was a total wipe-out of Hewitt, as he was 'double bagelled.' Federer's classical approach to the game, combined with modern athleticism and power, is what has made me a fan of him. His ease caught my eye and his fluidity was unmatched. That day has opened me the doors to the tennis world, not just the US Open, Roger Federer, and Lleyton Hewitt.

I have ever since followed tennis very closely. I've increased tennis players' followings by one, me being a fan of Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Andre Agassi, John McEnroe, and a few more.

I'm very grateful to have found Bleacher Report, and I have reached personal 'milestones' and have achieved what I had once though impossible.

Tennis will never 'leave' me; I will never leave it. I don't believe, even in a world of impossible-come-trues, that the sport of tennis will be replaced of by me, or will ever be sent into oblivion.

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  • Sriram Ilango posted 2364 days ago

    Sriram Ilango

    Hey mate! I would love to hear what you think about this. Take a look if you are free.
    Hello mate! Just take a look when you are free. I would love to hear what you think.


  • Devil in a New Dress posted 2366 days ago

    Devil in a New Dress

    Why are GOAT discussions predictable and boring?

    They are such because they are typically articles written by an author who's recognized that in trying to be fair and balanced, he is an ineffective litterateur and has thus decided to be irrationally sensationalist -seeing that as his best avenue to gain usually withheld traction.

  • Vee Jay posted 2367 days ago

    Vee Jay

    Ok Casenti, if you can blatantly deny what you wrote, I have nothing more to say to you. Obviously I have no way of proving it as you deleted your remark.

  • Vee Jay posted 2367 days ago

    Vee Jay

    Michael, you posted a remark on my article: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/773064-nadal-djokovic-federer-and-murray-what-do-the-stats-say-about-their-game
    asking me whether it was based on Peter Bodo's article. You gave a link to his article which was Stat Trap Part 1 (http://blogs.tennis.com/tennisworld/2011/07/stats/comments/page/2/).
    I pointed out that my article was published before Bodo's so more likely his article was based on mine.
    I expected you to apologize but instead, you simply deleted your post.

  • Vee Jay posted 2376 days ago

    Vee Jay

    You falsely accuse me of plagiarizing Peter Bodo's article and when I point out that his article is dated after mine, you just coolly delete your offensive remark without even an apology.
    When I reminded you that an apology is due, you ask me why you should apologize?
    I am surprised at a) your false accusation b) your omission to apologize and c) your asking me why an apology is necessary.
    Anyway, if this is your attitude, then I can simply crystallize my opinion of you and not expect normal courtesies from you.

  • Vee Jay posted 2377 days ago

    Vee Jay

    I think you owe me an apology.

  • Andy Murray posted 2380 days ago

    Andy Murray

    i think your life revolves around vj

  • Andy Murray posted 2380 days ago

    Andy Murray

    i was just trying to fight you back by replying when i thought 'why the hell am i doing this' and what will i get by doing this'? firstly you are nameless. you hide yourself behind nadal. this means am fighting an unknown person. stupid, no? its easy to write bullshit behind your pc screen. have you got any courage in real life? i seriously doubt it. moreover, when u come back 3 times in a row from being banned, this clearly shows you have got no social life. furthermore, does your allegations, accusations or hate comments against nadal help at all? whatever you do, nadal will never get stripped of his titles. he has 40million prize money and is enjoying. your comments do not affect him at all. so why should they affect me? i prefer watching nadal's matches and cheering him on than coming here to fight any stupid fan. i am happy when nadal wins and why should i spoil my happiness by seeing your comments? so i depart from here. spend your whole life here in trying to get vj, ruffin or other nadal fans banned while i really enjoy life. i hope on your deathbed you will say 'my greatest achievement in my life was to get ruffin(or hadad or vj) banned from bleacher report.' bloody loser! lol

  • Victor Burns posted 2389 days ago

    Victor Burns

    I am glad your name was posted under your newest article giving me an opportunity to ignore it, your pathetic writing is one of the true disgraces on BR

  • Marianne Bevis posted 2540 days ago

    Marianne Bevis

    Not sure what prompted me to look in at your profile - probably just commenting on your latest article (well done on the reads and comments!).

    But I see your view of tennis is so like mine. One of my earliest articles here was literally called The Beautiful Game: Tennis Turns Sport Into Art. Of course, this also explains why we both love watching Federer more than any other.

    And last but not least, finding Bleacher set me on a road I'm still following. The milestones have not come fast enough, or successfully enough - I've almost given up expecting they ever will - but the obsession remains!