Jess Root

Jess Root


Having been born in the Phoenix area and lived here all my life (except for a two-year stint as a missionary in Southern Argentina), I have been passionate about Arizona sports (loving the Suns, Cardinals, D'Backs, ASU Sun Devils, while hating the Arizona Wilcats) for as long as I was aware that there were sports in Arizona. Unfortunately, due to the fact that my wonderful parents have never been big sports fans, I was about 12 when that happened, so I started late.

I am not a writer by profession, as I teach Spanish full-time at a high school and part-time for a college. I write from my perspective as a fan who, like many of you, is trapped (albeit happily) in a world of responsibility, being a husband, a father of four, a man with a career, and a man of faith. My views are formulated by watching games on TV, reading the Internet, and attending games every once in a while (aside from ASU Football, as I go to ALL their home games). It's a view from my La-Z-Boy (sometimes from the bleachers, but mostly from the La-Z-Boy), but it's still a view.

I sometimes get mad, sad, frustrated, and disappointed, but even in the worst of times, I always enjoy the ride and want to look positively at what could be. After all, why bother with sports if you find no enjoyment in it? We already have enough things in life we have to do that lack in enjoyment.

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  • Antwuan Dennis posted 2742 days ago

    Antwuan Dennis

    When I click "Write" at the top. Its says New Writer Application it also says "In order to be considered for publication, please send a link to your Bleacher Report profile and a sample of your writing, or the actual story you would like published, to Please send this work using the email address with which you registered.

    Have you ever seen that before?

  • Antwuan Dennis posted 2742 days ago

    Antwuan Dennis

    Jess-Do I have to send a link of my profile and email them? If so how do I do that? to start writing articles on Bleacher Report?

  • nathan Dixon posted 2830 days ago

    nathan Dixon

    You are stupid to think that Pheonix can beat Portland. Stoudemire and Collins are no match for Lamarcus and Camby.