Randy  Danner

Randy Danner


Fan of: Philadelphia Eagles, Sacramento Kings, Oakland A's and MMA! Big football guy, not much into baseball since the strike of the early nineties. I am all the way out here in Sacramento. Born and raised here, I have been an Eagles fan since I was five. Mainly cause green has always been my favorite color. Also my Dad has always been a die hard Saints fan. He told us young that he didn't care who we rooted for as long as it wasn't the Niners. Back then they were a dynasty and the Saints were... the Aints and they played in the same division. Plus we live in Niner country. I loved Buddy and our D back then. Randall Cunningham was my hero!

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  • Jason Karl posted 2341 days ago

    Jason Karl

    Article reads are determined on how many people read your articles, and you haven't published any articles yet.

  • frank bretschneider posted 2740 days ago

    frank bretschneider

    Yea, I realized that, for some reason I can never see Jason as being a replacement for D. Jackson or Jeremy, or him being either a 1 or 2. Don't know why but I always see him as being that third slot guy. If the Eagles are inside the 10 I think Jackson and Jeremy would come out and the bigger receivers would come in. Not sure if they would put at slot third wide out in like Jason. Hank was supposed to be that end zone guy at one time that you could throw the ally-op pass to but wither it was a McNabb thing or a Hank thing I don't know but Vick and Kolb have been working on it in the end zone. Chad Hall has be incredible catching three despite only being 5'8 and Collins as well. Collin's dance and hurtles skill seem to lend to his being a West Coast Wide out. Those long strides and hips makes for his getting separation and his dance skills are about timing and being in the right place at right time as well as his leaping, jumping and he is said to have great balance. I think he has the special skills to be a really good wide out in this system.

    Sorry about the mix up.

  • Dan Pennwyn posted 2796 days ago

    Dan Pennwyn

    Thanks for becoming a fan Randy, I appreciate that!

    Cheers buddy to a good draft tomorrow!