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  • Scott Semmler posted 2324 days ago

    Scott Semmler

    Thanks Tim! Time sometimes does not permit me to comment on some of my work, but i appreciate you bringing it to my attention anyways

  • Victor Frankenstein posted 2393 days ago

    Victor Frankenstein

    Just dropped in to comment on a "Vogelsong for Reyes" article.
    Posted a big brick of crap that never once touched the subject.

  • Chris Scarberry posted 2474 days ago

    Chris Scarberry

    Tim! Hey what's going on man? When are you going to write an article man? I commented on your writing a little while back and always look forward to reading your comments on any given article. I would love to hear what you think about the gimmickry that has overwhelmed the Giants fan base. Example: Panda Hats, grown men still wearing fake beards, etc... Hope to hear back from you man, and GO GIGANTES!!!

  • Vince Cestone posted 2584 days ago

    Vince Cestone

    Tim, here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna look up Tyler Graham, and see if I can get a hold of someone in the front office and ask if i can interview them about him. If I can get enough info and quotes, I'll write a story. I think it would be fun to do my own reporting!

  • Jason Allen posted 2637 days ago

    Jason Allen

    Only one comment, then my reply. It must be part of the cosmic plan so I wouldn't worry! Anyway, it's funny to me my best writing they don't feature. Writing recap stories or offering up a few stats any monkey can do. Being intellectual and creative goes unrewarded. Lol.

  • Bob Warja posted 2640 days ago

    Bob Warja

    Thanks for the detailed explanation, I learned a lot. My advice is to just enjoy what you have, because regardless of who did what, you have something I've never had in my 49 years of life: a baseball team in the world series. Good luck to your Giants my friend.

  • Dennis Schlossman posted 2694 days ago

    Dennis Schlossman

    Hey Tim... Check this out if you have the time; pretty much puts it all into perspective:,0,7260669.story?

  • Ted Sillanpaa posted 2696 days ago

    Ted Sillanpaa

    Tim...I see your posts under my piece. They aren't deleted. TED 2:55 p.m.

  • Harold Friend posted 2713 days ago

    Harold Friend

    Yesterday was a big win. Rowand is worth keeping around.

    It may be that the Phillies, with Utley returning this week, will fight with Atlanta for the East and for the wild card.

    I think the Giants' best chance is the division. As Red Barber would ask Phil Rizzuto in the good days when the Yankees were playing a big game against the Indians,
    "Phil, do you think the Yankees want this game?"

  • Harold Friend posted 2718 days ago

    Harold Friend

    Thanks. Now they must win three out of four.