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  • Carolina Sunshine posted 792 days ago

    Carolina Sunshine

    If you think for even one second that Roman Reigns can't back up what he says, & everyone that watches WWE knows what the outcome is gonna be..unless Vince changes his mind before Ro can even start his match, which all of us knows he does crap like that but without a very good reason. For you to say that Roman needs to become a heel, even for a short time, because he's not like Dean on the mic, or he doesn't have all the fans cheering him or pleasure that it gives Paul Levesque & Vince McMahon knowing that these two men have a long segment together, and when Seth comes back, put him in a match against Dean or Ro, whichever wins. Also, for you to say that a match between Ro & Dean for the WWE title should end in contraversry to make it more interesting is so stupid. Really? Have the match for the WWE belt laying in a closet somewhere until Seth comes back in 6 to 9 months is the best you got? That's all you got? You don't know what will happen Sunday, but no one, ESPECIALLY WWE FANS, are gonna try to burn the place down, because we're all sick of endings to matches being 'contraversry. For you to even support a lock out like just to save the belt on someone other than Seth Rollins, Put the damn title on Dean or Roman, & let them go do what they do best..kick ass. You really sound like you're saying that neither Roman or Dean would be a great thing, but that someone should take the belt, & play Hide & Seek with it until Seth comes back in 6-9 months.....Yea, that'd be just the right & agreeable the right thing to do. Having the WWE title sitting on a shelf collecting dust just because you don't like the people who are in the matches in this tournament, and Vince should put the belt in a closet & lock it up until Seth comes back, is stupid and childish. Let the two men have the best match they can ever have, & stop trying to push Roman into the dirt so he be buried 6 ft under because some fans don't like him, which by the way, they'll get get passed. So stop with all the negative feelings, & words being soaking wet & we have to sit, & let someone else do that? He's just a human being who bleeds & cries like the rest of us. If they put that belt on the line, & let it sit there for 9 months until Seth comes back, and then go get the WWE belt, and just give it back to him, will both one of the stupidest things Vince McMahon ever decided to do. Let Roman & Dean put on the baddest match which I know they'll do, and let one of them walk out of Survivor Series and no messing up the mess he created in the back with stuff like. he wanted to. Just give us what we want, which is a great match between two talented, strong, not afraid, maybe just maybe people will get off Roman's ass, & leave..just effing leave.

  • Kraig Etzel posted 821 days ago

    Kraig Etzel

    Smackdown is already filmed on Tuesdays, so it would not require any scheduling changes for WWE except for producing a live broadcast instead of editing it and putting it out two days later.

  • Will posted 949 days ago




    What would you think about the idea of having the WWE bring in 43 year old Sweet Saraya (Page's mum) to help even the odds for her daughter against The Bella Twins ???


    Maybe just a series of matches.


  • Darren Wood posted 1270 days ago

    Darren Wood

    Hi Aaron, Hope all is well. I'm just wondering if you'd be interested in writing for Total Wrestling Magazine? Here's link to a previous issue - http://issuu.com/rjtrpublishingltd/docs/twd2
    Let me know,

  • j l posted 1318 days ago

    j l

    Quit posting spoilers in your articles genius, as a wrestling writer, you should know better.

  • Abiel Tesfamariam posted 1391 days ago

    Abiel Tesfamariam

    congrats on becoming #1 writer of the month

  • Mike Kolb posted 1397 days ago

    Mike Kolb

    We live in rural Oregon with no high-speed internet available (hence, no WWE Network) and now Dish-TV has dropped all the WWE PPV's. My wife and I are big fans, but now we feel left out in the cold. Does WWE just consider us to be just "collateral damage"?

  • Jester 2700 posted 1406 days ago

    Jester 2700

    Great articles!

  • Mike Geary posted 1408 days ago

    Mike Geary

    awesome Cesaro story -- I think he is the future. Also thought you may be interested in seeing this Big E/WrestleMania story on the Boston Herald... didn't know they covered wrestling but OK piece


  • The Doctor Chris Mueller posted 1411 days ago

    The Doctor Chris Mueller

    Hey Aaron,
    I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you that I have enjoyed your writing on the site since you joined. You have a good tone and flow to your work that makes you seem more down to earth than some other writers. Keep up the good work.