Ryne Eberle

Ryne Eberle


Ryne is a senior journalism student at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. In addition to writing on Bleacher Report, he has written for the university's newspaper, The Advance-Titan, and will be the Sports Editor in the 2010-11 academic year.

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  • Mihir Bhagat posted 2609 days ago

    Mihir  Bhagat

    As the San Francisco 49ers Community Leader I would like to thank you for sharing your work with us. We look forward to your contributions in the future.

  • Joe Shasky posted 2613 days ago

    Joe Shasky

    bro, when did wisconsin ever do anything? bcs appearances? come on, you play to win the game, SEC/pac10/big12 has shitted on the big10, in the last decade. Ohio state and penn state are so overarated!! The badgers arent even on the radar! usc had a frosh qb and went into the big house and whopped on ohio state, and they didnt even win pac 10, had oregon not suspended lamichael james, they would have routed again!! stick to the midwest you wanna be peter king. if you have ever attended an nfl game i might consider your opinions, just dont tlk about the niners please you are uneducated and way off, stick to women lacross!!!

  • Joe Shasky posted 2614 days ago

    Joe Shasky

    bro, jason hill is a great special temams gunner first off, second Brandon Jones is so garbage its laughable, he will be cut or not suit up, kyle williams is long shot to stay, Josh Morgan is a stud number 2 receiver. You never mentioned we had weak armed Shaun Hill for five games and tried to run the ball into a brick wall for 8 gmaes til we switched to a spread offense. and how ca you mention receivers on the niners and not mention our best, fastest receiver (i know he's a tight end but come on he's a freak) Vernon Davis. stick to weak ass "Lose the BCS game" BIg 10 coverage cuz the pros aint for you.