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  • Asbel Fams posted 2085 days ago

    Asbel Fams

    You never wrote that follow up on Undertaker. Guess even you realized the crap you spewed.

  • Maria Cane posted 2564 days ago

    Maria Cane

    Happy New Year! Check out my first article of the year 2011! Comments, retweets,likes, anything appreciated!

  • Maria Cane posted 2634 days ago

    Maria Cane

    Check out my new article!

  • Maria Cane posted 2643 days ago

    Maria Cane

    Comments, retweets, likes, anything appreciated!

  • Jamal Parker posted 2659 days ago

    Jamal Parker

    WOW, thank you for this Jamie. I couldn't repost back on my profile so I came to yours.

    I'm actually in a Writing Program at my highschool, yet I don't really use any of their techniques to write my articles.

    A lot of my writing background actually does come from reading reviews and reading books and such, I had to do a lot of that in my arts Middle School.

    I still have much to improve like you said. I don't fancy myself as being the best writer alive. Trust me, I just love the sport of pro wrestling.

    I've yet to reach my potential, but I do love writing and reading, and overall wrestling and I do my very best when I write an article whether on not it's a personal peice, a slideshow, a review of a PPV or show whatever.

    I'm glad you like my articles and are impressed by them. Don't worry, I'm going to have my ups and downs, but even after that there will still be more to come from Jamal Parker.. :)

  • Greg Anthony posted 2661 days ago

    Greg Anthony

    Thank you Jamie for your reply I appreciate that, And I did enjoy your article, and hope to see more of them.

  • The Jonathan Cooneyy posted 2668 days ago

    The Jonathan Cooneyy

  • Luke Adamson posted 2669 days ago

    Luke Adamson

    I get what your'e doing alright, your'e getting views and comments by creating controversy. I read your first article first, and didn't comment because I agreed and disagreed.
    I'll comment on articles I thoroughly disagree with even if I know they are there for the sole purpose of making me do just that.
    Thats what this site is about after all, isn't it?