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Hi, I'm originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba. I've been in Chicago since '93 and have loved some of the Chicago sports teams since before I moved here. Back in Winnipeg, I loved the Toronto Jays (though I hated every other Toronto team), but I also loved the Cubs because we used to get WGN. When we moved to Chicago in 1993, I was already a Cub fan but I was not a Hawk fan.
My favorite NHL teams were the Jets and the Habs. When the Jets moved to Phoenix, I hated them and I will never be a fan untill they move back. Hence I needed a new home team (Hawks), even though they sucked during those years.
You may call me a bandwagon jumper, but the fact that I became a Hawks fan in '96 should tell you something. I've been a fan ever since.
When some Winnipeg kids were drafted and started playing well, I became even more of a fan (Toews and Keith).
I still love the Habs and I love the Hawks. I hope they don't meet in the finals

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  • Steve Thompson posted 2810 days ago

    Steve Thompson

    Thanks for reading and commenting on my article, Erminio. Actually this series seems to be more about whose head is there and whose isn't. In the first game and first period, Vancouver carried the play consistently to Chicago. Then the Hawks took over and did the same thing to Vancouver. But in the last game, Vancouver went back to carrying the play and Chicago looked out of it. We'll have to find out who is ready to play on Tuesday.

  • jovan saraw posted 2817 days ago

    jovan saraw

    5-1 canucks win.