David Hedlind

David Hedlind


Unfortunately I have had my writing privileges revoked. I can not post on this site for 30 days and at that time I have to be approved. I have posted here since 2008 and now all of a sudden something about my writing is not good enough.

First of all just because we have different opinions doesn't make one of us wrong.

This is primarily sports. If you feel like seeing more of me

and to see how I see the world around me

Olyduck is also my CBSsports message board profile.

I am a Oregon Duck fan first and foremost. I am not a conference cheerleader but I will defend the Pac 12 when people down talk it without reason. I love college football. I read a handful of preseason magazines every summer. I have 4 tv's in my living room through football season so that I don't miss very much. And even though I will watch games all over the country I feel for the upcoming season I may tone down my writing to focus more on the Pac-12 and west coast football(WAC and MWC). I will still throw some stuff out there about other conferences and teams, but not on the regularity I was. Sometimes I was just busy and it was more of chore.

I like to travel around to the differenent college stadiums as well, no matter who is playing. I have been to 13 college stadiums since the 2002 season with at least 1 more coming in 2011, maybe 2.

I also like college basketball, but not to the extent of football. I do my best to follow lacrosse, track, baseball, softball, cross country, gymnastics and as many other college sports as I can.

If it seems like it has been a while since I have written anything, because I got busy or something, just wait longer.

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  • Puppet Master posted 2665 days ago

    Puppet Master

    David: Appreciate your input to the Bowl projection Series as well as my other articles.

    I have a favor to ask of you.

    We are obtaining specific information from selected writers regarding the Bowls for our weekly series and i wondered if you could give me your prediction of who will play in the Rose Bowl and who will play in the Cotton Bowl.

    How you see if this week, after the games on Saturday.

    Nothing fancy, just a note by Sunday night on my bio to the effect of "Oregon vs. Michigan in the Rose" "Florida vs. Nebraska in the Cotton" or something along those lines.

    The truth as you see it.

    I thank you for your time and hope to hear from you.

    Doc Masters

  • Sammy Weber posted 2729 days ago

    Sammy  Weber


  • Sammy Weber posted 2729 days ago

    Sammy  Weber

    are you alumni or just a homer??

  • Puppet Master posted 2738 days ago

    Puppet Master

    Mr. Hedlind:

    I quote you in one of my comments on the article. Just a heads up in case anyone asks.

    Thanks for all your good work on B/R.....Doc Masters


  • Danni Santana posted 2786 days ago

    Danni Santana

    Thanks for the help man I appreciate it.

  • JW Nix posted 2869 days ago

    JW Nix

    a remembrance :

  • Jeb Williamson posted 2899 days ago

    Jeb Williamson

    Thanks for taking time to read my piece, David. I really appreciate it. Take care.

  • Henry Ball posted 2946 days ago

    Henry  Ball

    Pick the winners, win the loot!


    Take the challenge, it'll be fun!

  • Tyler Springs posted 2952 days ago

    Tyler Springs

    Hey David. I know you don't know me, but given your status as one of the top Pac-10 writers, I would appreciate it if you looked at this article and gave me some feedback if you get the chance. Anything you can tell me is helpful.


    Tyler Springs

  • Scott Wilson posted 2963 days ago

    Scott Wilson

    Would appreciate any feedback you have on my article about the non-impact that the Fiesta Bowl will have on the MWC and WAC: